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What is an APA citation generator at GradeMiners?

If you need to create an A-winning paper in APA format, citation generator is something that will come in handy. Referencing has always been complicated and tiresome. With our tool, this time-consuming task becomes fast and simple as 1, 2, 3. Use our automated tool to create correct and accurate citations! This will help you study simpler and smarter, leaving you more time to focus on your exams and other important things!

Our APA style reference generator will format your citations and bibliographies in just a couple of clicks. So if you don’t know how to format particular sources accurately or you need to cite them in a short period of time – use our tool, and you will never lose points on your paper!

Our website provides you with everything you may need for successful learning. With us, your grades will always reflect your deep knowledge and hard work. Use our online program to structure and present quotes in a proper way, avoid problems with plagiarism, and cite your sources properly!

Why using an APA style citation generator is so important?

There is a number of reasons for you to follow the referencing rules. First, you have to give credits to the academic works you have used for your own paper. You should do it to acknowledge the author with a reference. You don’t have to give a reference when you include common knowledge (for example, John Kennedy was murdered in 1963). However, every time you use quotations to support your point of view, you have to mention the author’s name and the year of publication in brackets after each in-text quotation. Also, you have to list all books, newspapers, journals, websites, and other sources on the last page of your work called “Works Cited” or “Bibliography”.

Failing to cite the sources properly can turn into a real problem. Our APA format reference generator will help you avoid any academic offences connected to plagiarism. If your professor catches you plagiarizing, you will certainly lose the points. In the worst case, you will face the expulsion from your college.

Correct referencing is important not only because of the plagiarism issue. There is also a necessity to prove that your research is relevant to the academic field you are working in. If you are a student, you are already a part of an academic community. Moreover, when you are at your college years, you are learning to be a professional researcher. However, in the first instance, you have to use the outside sources and ideas of previous researchers. Maybe someday you will come up with an original idea or experiment and other people will cite your works!

When citing your sources correctly, you validate the conclusions and statements you make by presenting supporting facts. For most students, referencing is a quite tiresome process, but it is the only way to inject your paper with authority and ensure its quality.

Can you imagine academic papers without a necessity to cite the sources? Well, now it is possible with our APA citation generator: free, fast, and simple! Now you will create in-text citations and reference lists in a required format without any frustrations!

How to use APA reference generator?

There is nothing easier than that! Every time you use our APA reference generator, you save your precious time and nerves. Make sure to visit this website, and your citing will be fast and simple. When you create a bibliography page or in-text citations with the help of our tool, referring to a theory, film, or an idea, you have to fill out the necessary fields, providing the following information:

  • Start with creating an in-text citation. You have to put this citation in brackets at the end of every sentence that serves as a quotation or paraphrased idea of another author. Make sure to provide the author’s surname and year of publication.
  • If you have already mentioned the author’s name in a sentence, don’t put it in brackets but include the date of publication right after the surname, like this: As Smith (1999) claims in his article…
  • Some professors ask students to include page numbers, too. As a rule, these numbers are included after the date of publication you have mentioned. With our APA in text citation generator, you will be able to create both types of citations, just don’t forget to include the necessary information in the fields.
  • When using a source with multiple authors, include their last names for the first citation, then use the surname of a first author followed by ‘et al.’ for further citations.
  • Your bibliography is the last page of your work. It should present all the sources you have used in the alphabetical order. This page is usually called “Works cited” or “References”.
  • If you are using digital sources, like websites, online documents or PDFs, don’t forget to provide the date of access and an URL.
  • If you have any endnotes, graphs, or tables, make sure to locate them on a separate page after the reference list.
  • Make sure to use “&” instead of “and” in your full references as well as in-text citations.

Use our APA style citation generator to create correct and clear citations and bibliographies with ease! This is a helpful tool for every student, no matter the academic level and profile. With the help of this program, learners or researchers are able to add citations in their projects, structure a correct reference list, edit existing citations, and therefore produce truly amazing papers!

Save your time and energy – visit our website any time you need some referencing help!