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APA Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article – Formatting Without Any Problems

Formatting can be time-consuming and annoying. Moreover, manual formatting doesn’t make you a better writer or a great researcher. You just sit at your desk trying to follow every point of the instructions you have found on the Internet, placing commas and capitalizing letters. Of course, you won’t memorize all of the rules for APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. You will get confused very soon since formatting rules don’t have any general internal logic – you just have to memorize them.

So why should you waste your precious time? You might do something more interesting and useful instead. Save your free hours and use our free APA newspaper citation generator! This online tool is perfect for smart students who want to make sure that their references and citations are just excellent. If you don’t have the inspiration to create formatting elements manually, check our website for fast aid.

Also, we have prepared some examples for you. They will help you check your citations and references before placing them into your paper. These examples will help you make sure that you have included all the necessary details! Feel free to use the following reference templates to create or check newspaper article citation in APA style.

How to create a correct APA in-text newspaper citation?

In-text citations, also known as parenthetical documentation, tell your audience where you found the information that doesn’t come from your mind. It is obvious that you should use in-text citations every time you present a direct quote, i.e. copy and paste a sentence from a source. However, you also need to provide a citation when you paraphrase or summarize someone’s ideas.

If you want to keep away from plagiarism, it is crucial to cite all ideas and thoughts that don’t belong to you or are not common knowledge. Also, you have to make sure that every in-text quotation is linked to the reference list found at the end of your paper. So let’s see how to create a correct APA in-text newspaper citation.

  • Place information about the source at the end of the sentence and put it in brackets
  • Provide the author’s last name and year of publication
  • Punctuation marks in a sentence should be placed after the parenthesis
  •             If you are quoting a large piece of text (more than 40 words), make sure to start a new line and put your quote in a shape of a block. In this case, you do not have to add any quotation marks.

And here are some examples:

  • A quotation with author’s last name mentioned in the text: Wallace (2001) claims that … (p. 111).
  • A quotation with author’s last name in brackets: This question should be considered… (Wallace, 2001, p. 111).
  • Paraphrase with author’s last name mentioned in the text: Wallace (2001) researched this question, too.
  • Paraphrase with author’s last name in brackets: This question has been researched (Wallace, 2001).
  • Quoting an article with no author: Provide a title of the article and include italics – This article examines the problems of… (“Problems,” 2009).

Make sure to use our APA format citation generator for newspaper article to create all sorts of in-text quotations! It is simple – just choose the style you need, insert author’s name, year and a number of pages in the required fields and press the button! Your citation will be generated automatically in a couple of seconds.

APA referencing style for a newspaper – How to format the last page?

Of course, APA referencing style for a newspaper becomes as simple as 1, 2 and 3 when you have our free fantastic tool at hand. Just open the tools page, choose a style and a source type, write down source details and press the button below. Your citations will be generated in two or three seconds! However, you are recommended to use these templates to make sure that you have included all of the elements that make a correct reference. You can now learn how your reference list should look like.

The general structure for a printed article:

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initials. (Year, Month and Day of Publication). The title of the Article. The title of the Newspaper, p. XX.


  • Sloterdijk, P. (2004, March 30). The New Concept of Humankind: Construction of the Human Being. Le philosophoire, p. 7.

When creating a reference for a newspaper, remember:

  • If you are using one page, include its number preceded by “p.” If you use multiple pages, place “pp.”

The general structure for an article available online:

  • Author’s Last Name, Author’s Initials. (Year, Month and Day of Publication). The title of the Article. The title of the Newspaper, Retrieved from [URL].


  • Levi-Strauss, C. (1996, April 2). The Savage Mind: (La Pensee Sauvage). Oxford University Press, Retrieved from http://www.oxforduniversitypress/levi-strauss/savage-mind

When creating a reference for an online newspaper article, remember:

  • When formatting in APA style, you don’t have to include the source access date.

So be attentive with your in-text quotations as well as reference lists. Students of all grades, scholars, professionals and amateurs will find our free online tool extremely useful. Use it to create formatting elements of any kind – from books and textbooks to websites! Not only can this tool help you with your paper in APA format. You can also use it for MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Oxford, Harvard, Bluebook, AMA and many other styles! It is your great opportunity to create perfect citations without wasting your time!

Automatically generated citations and references exclude any chance for a mistake. So entrust this task to our tool! Formatting errors won’t be a problem anymore, and you won’t have to worry about losing points because of incorrect parentheses, references or footnotes. So save your time and take care of your grades – use our free, fast and convenient online tool and your references and citations will always be perfect!