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Let the Process of Citing an Image APA Become Fast and Easy!

Did you know that you might cite sources different from the textbooks, academic journals, and scholarly articles when it comes to the academic papers? In fact, even a video or image from the internet might serve as a good source. It’s just that a student should pay attention to the prompt where the tutor specifies the sources to be used. If he or she does not assign specific sources to work with, a student may choose some on his own.

What for are we telling you that? We would like to explain the usefulness of our website by stressing the importance of citing various sources in academic papers. This APA image citation generator was designed specifically for the students of the following classes:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Nursing & Healthcare
  • Literature

Of course, in most cases, students will have to cite papers in APA when getting ready for the psychology class. However, it is a rather popular writing style, perhaps, the second popular after MLA. It was introduced by The American Psychologic Association, and since then, our professionals were thinking about developing a special APA citation software to assist students around the world.

Save Time on Developing an APA Photo Citation

English-speaking students face a variety of writing styles. That paper formats help to follow the structure of the essay and distinguish the scientists and authors working in the related field of study. Luckily, you may find numerous researches done by other people to use in your research paper or dissertation. Students who discover our tool are twice lucky as they have an opportunity to save some time, efforts, and nerves.

What we mean is that any writing style manual is rather lengthy. You risk spending hours or even days on mastering a particular academic paper format. Every minute is precious when it comes to your homework assignments. Instead of breaking your head against the wall trying to understand the way each citation and reference should appear in your project, rely on this software!

Citing a video APA is especially useful as both videos and images can tell a thousand words. Most people find it easier to perceive information while visualizing it and having examples. That is why we recommend finding relevant images and films online to cite with the help of our professional citing machine. Why do we call it professional? Well, the best experts in the field of academic writing created it:

  • Writers and editors
  • Online tutors
  • College professors
  • Web developers
  • Designers

Citing a Photo APA: Free Templates & Examples

This exceptional team makes sure the offered citation generator is always up-to-date, user-friendly, accessible, and correct. Different scientific and academic organizations that establish academic writing styles modify the manuals regularly. We try to catch up with the latest edition of APA style manual to offer the best online citing solution.

Would you like to see how the product of our innovative tool would look like? Here are several examples of what you get absolutely free of charge from our website!

APA format structure:

Author, A. (Year). Title of item (video or image) [file format]. Retrieved from URL

APA format example:

Johnson, T. (2014). Progressing technology: Influence of innovations on modern education. [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from

What if you need to cite an image or video in APA? Here you go!

Photographer’s name, F.M. (Year, month, and date of publication). Title of image]. City, State of publication: Publisher/institution.

Our citing tool references each source this way, according to the latest changes in the APA style manual and type of image.

We recommend choosing Google Images if you decide to enrich the speech, research paper, or dissertation with visual elements. This search engine offers billions of images, and some of them are not protected by privacy meaning have no copyright. Still, make sure to cite each picture you find online with the help of our free citing machine.

Overall, our team offers the following benefits to each user:

  • Free of charge citing tool
  • Quickest solutions on the web
  • Ability to store references and citations
  • Attractive offers
  • Writing manuals made easier
  • Opportunity to order custom paper
  • 24/7 access and fast online support

No Need to Buy APA Video Citation – Get It Free Now!

This APA video citation machine really makes student’s life easier. Why? Citing an image or video is different from the way you reference, for example, a book or newspaper. In fact, it is simpler, but if you know how to cite the rest of the sources already, new information may seem confusing to you. With our online solution, there is no need to keep in mind when you should capitalize titles, add page numbers, make the text bold or italics, etc. Right, the rules of the formatting game are always different. Otherwise, it would be too easy.

Well, it can be easy with our referencing machine. Once you obtain a picture or film from an online source, you should hurry up to this website. Insert everything you know about the source to get the most accurate citation or reference to include in your work:

  • Director’s/Author’s full name
  • Title of image or video
  • Release date/Publication year
  • Production
  • Source’s URL

The last one is the most important thing to include in our machine. Perhaps, you have no time to specify all details or some of them are simply missing. That is when you can simply add the mentioned elements to grab a quick solution. Our referencing tool is smart enough to surf the web searching for the full source’s information once you mention URL only.

Types of Works Our Generator Will Help to Cite

When might you need to come up with an image or video citation? It is better to avoid visual elements in serious academic or scientific works like a research paper or dissertation. Only if the professor allows doing so, you can add some pictures, graphs, charts, and films to your research paper. Our citing machine would be helpful for those students who need to insert an image or video in such works as:

No more wasted time and nerves – enjoy the benefits of free online citing machine today!