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Best Approach to Citing a Podcast APA Online

Podcasts were new more than a decade ago. Today, these are sources as credible as books and newspapers when it comes to citing academic papers. The reference format has not changed. Almost. Even though The American Psychological Association loves modifying its writing guide manual, the way they recommend referencing podcasts remained nearly the same. However, our handy tool is still useful.

We will help to make a difference between a variety of academic paper formats thanks to our revolutionary APA podcast citation generator. No one has done anything similar before! Our team of academic writers, editors, online tutors, and web developers are proud of this innovative software, which has already eased the lives of many college and university students according to the feedback they leave on our website.

Foster, M. K. (Producer). (2016, March 9). School bullying and its consequences [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Factors to Include in Our APA Podcast Generator

It is an example of how an APA citation of podcast should look like. From this example, you may guess that you have to mention the following elements to make this free citation generator come up with an accurate reference for you:

  • Author’s last name and initials
  • Role of the mentioned person
  • Full date (not just a year)
  • Title of the show
  • Type of the show
  • URL address

If you do not know any of the elements, don’t worry: our referencing tool is smart enough to understand you with a single word. The software may retrieve the rest of the details thanks to the URL you provide. It is critical to mention where the broadcast was retrieved from. In other words, mention where exactly you downloaded the audio or listened to the file online.

Our innovative tool makes a difference. While other similar services offer a limited amount of writing styles, we deal with almost every style used by the students in the English-speaking educational institutions. On the whole, it is not that difficult to come up with a proper reference. In our case, the generating machine always explains who, when, what, and where. So, the tool will first let the reader know who the author of the work is. Next, this software will explain when the podcast was taken. The next thing is to specify the particular title of the work (podcast or interview). Finally, the machine will name the place of publication as it is just important as the rest of the details. You do not usually need the last one in case of citing a podcast.

APA Format Podcast Tool to Avoid Plagiarism

Citing something a student found on a website may always be tricky as online sources often lack details. However, if you find any useful information online, you know its original placement anyway. Just copy the link to the podcast in audio format and insert into our citation generator. It will be enough to generate the reference for you. It might be missing some unnecessary details, but naming at least three obligatory things is sufficient enough to prevent a student from falling into the plagiarism trap.

Our online citing application will identify the producer, writer, or speaker depending on the chosen source. Many types of sources exist, and we cover all of them:

  • Books
  • eBooks
  • Academic journals
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Websites
  • Interviews
  • Films
  • Documentaries

The podcast is just one of a type. The offered citation tool uses parentheses to specify the contribution of the author in the “who” position of four main questions to consider. Parentheses is something a writer should use in APA style paper.

Podcast APA Citation and Reference: Let Our App Do Both for You!

In the field where it says “Retrieved from,” put down the homepage URL. It is better to list the rest of the details. However, if you do not know anything, leave it to our smart APA format podcast generator. The popular websites with podcasts may include, for instance, iTunes, or many other websites where they store audio files. A complete URL might feel more direct and provide more accurate information, so we recommend inserting the full address. When the teacher or peers read your work after you choose our software, they will be amazed by the accuracy of your citations and references. What is the difference between two, you may wonder?

  • In-text citations can be either direct or indirect those are the quotes chosen from the selected sources that serve as the evidence of the writer’s words.
  • References stand for the source’s details. They are interconnected with the corresponding quotations from the text. A reference list tells the reader where the data were taken from, allowing him or her to continue the study independently.

If the months and even years pass between when a student develops his or her reference and when a target audience reads the paper and desires to explore the same podcast mentioned in the paper’s body, the best thing is to open our citing machine and enter your login details. Once you sign in, check personal account to find everything you used to store when working on our website before. You may use those citations and references as many times in your life as needed. Taking into account our tool is free for everyone; you do not have to pay any fee no matter which writing style you need and which type of source you plan to proceed. About five years ago, students did not cite podcasts too much, but it is all different today. So, what we offer is:

  • Free citation generator
  • Multiple types of sources
  • All possible academic writing styles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Up-to-date formatting manuals
  • Responsive support

Thanks to our revolutionary software, a student will acknowledge all the great authors who helped him with his or her project. Your college or university professor will appreciate your work by rewarding you with the highest possible score. However, that is not the primary deal. We think that the primary advantage of our citation generator is the fact that students master various writing styles sooner or later after using this software multiple times. We hope this application will be useful for every student from every educational institution!