A Review of Which Applicant qualifies for Maintenance Technician/Janitor Post at Sheridan Apts

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The position of Maintenance Technician at Sheridan Apts requires a qualified individual who will ensure the continued progress of the firm. Experience is a key element since it proves that such an employee will not have difficulties in his or her new job (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). In other words, such an employee can adapt easily to the new environment. Experience also means that the employer can be trusted by the organization (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). In the job advertisement, the responsibilities have been made clear as well as the requirements. This paper aims at reviewing the application of three candidates for the Janitor post at Sheridan Apts and a conclusion of which candidate is the most qualified for the job. Several categories will be reviewed for each applicant, and the one with the best qualifications will be recommended to the organization.

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Regarding experience, Rose E. Smith has standard qualifications. She has gained experience from different fields such as maintaining a conducive environment through cleaning, sweeping and mopping the floor. She has worked as a laborer for approximately 11 years, and this makes her experience valuable. She has worked in more than ten different environments, maintaining a clean environment. This kind of experience is what Sheridan Apts is looking for in its employees. From her experience, it’s also clear that she’s an individual who’s keen on following instructions.

In most current jobs, education is proving to be a valuable tool (Clague, 2004). The post requires an individual who has High School Diploma, and Rose fulfills this requirement since she graduated with a diploma in 2012. She, however, has limited skills. From the candidate’s resume, she has the general skills of reliability and working with teams. Teamwork is one of the reasons why some organizations are famous globally (Spector, 2010). She is also able to adapt to new environments with ease, which is an important skill for this post. Despite her experience, the limitation regarding skills makes her the least favorite among the three candidates. Additional skills for efficient execution of work orders are required as well as the skills of controlling building systems. The major strength that Rose possesses is the ability to clean common areas since she has enough experience. However, this is not sufficient for the post, and she, therefore, cannot be recommended.

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Joe Johnson is the second candidate whose work experience seems to be interesting. He has also worked in different fields such as management and manufacturing. These give him the necessary experience based on the requirements of the post. This is because he can handle and oversees preventative maintenance of building systems with approved budgets. The execution of work orders will also be easy for this candidate. From his resume, it’s clear that Joe Johnson has managed different kinds of employees, maintained clean environments, worked with various machines such as grinders for manufacturing, etc. Such experience can make the candidate valuable to the firm since he will bring new skills to the operation of Sheridan Apts.

In Joe Johnson’s resume, work experience is given more focus. No necessary skills are stated in the resume, and this can make it difficult for the organization to determine whether the employee will be trustworthy or not. Furthermore, Sheridan Apts requires a candidate whose responsible in different ways, and the company is not only looking for experience in its candidates. Joe Johnson’s expertise is convincing but, there is a lack of proof that he can work as a part of a team in the organization and this makes him less favorable. Working in teams with other employees is essential for most organizations (Spector, 2010).

The third candidate to apply for the post is Jan I. Tor. In his resume, this candidate makes it clear that he has the necessary skills and also enough experience to fit in the post. He has also provided a brief explanation of himself, and he is the most recommended for the job. Jan states that he is hardworking and dedicated, which are two of the most valuable attributes that modern companies are looking for in employees. He has worked in a familiar post before and therefore; he is familiar with the responsibilities and the requirements. The fact that he is dedicated means that he is willing to meet all the requirements of the firm. This means that issues such as being late for work will be minimal. He is determined, which means that apart from working with the company, he is also willing to learn from it and boost his knowledge.

Jan has appropriate skills such as communication, adaptability to new environments and motivation. Such skills describe a determined individual who has a hunger for success of the firm that he or she is to work for. The work history of Jan is the most impressive among the three candidates. He has provided technician services to different firms, worked in various departments such as HVAC department as a technician and also worked as a sales representative. Participating in such fields requires one to work with teams. It can, therefore, be concluded that Jan I. Tor is the most qualified candidate for the post at Sheridan Apts.

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