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The United States of America is presently referred to as a free world. It is, however, important to observe from historical records that this freedom came at an awful cost. Confrontations with the British colonial masters led to the great American Revolution that bore fruits in 1783 when it was granted independence. Particularly, the support given to America from other colonies bailed them out in the revolution. As Raphel records, perhaps the instigation of war occurred in Massachusetts and grew into full atrocity in pursuit of freedom (34). There are a number of events that influenced each other and enabled the United States of America to attain. The objective of this essay is to discuss at least five of such events. Also, the paper will investigate the strategies used by the Patriots to prevail upon the colonialists from 1754 to 1781.

One significant event in the war was the Stamp Act of 1765. Having run into so many debts, the British colonial masters imposed heavy taxation on Americans so that they would fund their administrative work and also pay off their debts in other nations. This taxation was imposed on items such as newspapers, insurance policies, magazines, and other printed documents. This fueled atrocity among the American patriots who marshaled themselves against colonialists (Spannaus et al. 78). Closely linked to taxation was the issue of Boston Massacre in 1770. There arose a confrontation in Boston between colonialist and patriot soldiers in Boston. The British soldiers opened fire and killed five Americans and wounded six. This brutality saw loyal citizens retaliate, citing the right to life as an inalienable right that no soldier can take away. The fact that soldiers were able to shoot peaceful demonstrators made more American allies to join in the war.

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In 1773, there was yet another event in the American Revolution. Tindal notes that the British masters had monopolized the sale of tea in its colonies through British India Company (78). This led to the event referred to as Tea Party of 1773 where Americans seized a tea cargo belonging to the British and threw it into the sea. This event triggered a chain of events in neighboring colonies which later joined the war to fight the oppression. As the fights intensified, the Americans strengthened their Continental Army in 1776 when it became apparent that Declaration of Independence would be denied after thirteen states attained freedom.  The North American colonies formed this army in 1775 in pursuit of freedom.

Troops recruited in the continental army spent most of their time in the Valley Forge as they engaged in different war tactics (Bailyn 123).  These activities would later lead to the Siege of Yorktown in 1781 through a sea campaign. The British lord accepted surrender terms after American and French armies seized in 1781. This seizure was possible due to the cooperation among Sons of Liberty who had worked in solidarity to liberate America.

The Patriots were able to win the war due to many reasons. Washington and Army observe that the colonists were more experienced than their colonial masters (12). The skills of war had been learned in other neighboring colonies.  They further observe that Taxation without representation was the main extortion that angered the colonists since they were just being exploited without representation in London. Sensing this, the soldiers applied guerilla tactics and attacked the British severely. According to Raphael, American patriots prevailed because they were more skilled, ‘prepared and cruder in their approach (206). This is the idea cushioned by Tindal those American youths were more scathing especially to the Loyalist nations that funded the British (98). This made them seek support from nations like Spain, Netherlands, and France. This collaboration made them win.

In conclusion, the American Revolution is significant because it was the nation become independent. Also, it teaches readers about the significance of coordinated teamwork in the struggle for freedom. This is clearly seen in the series of events discussed above.  Today, many people admire America because of the freedom that came through sweat. It is therefore important to pull together to attain any what one seeks.

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