Pro-Medical Cannabis

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The new legislation intends to allow the legalization of the use of Cannabis in North Carolina state. The finding by the legislative indicated that the current medical research categorizes Cannabis as a treatment substance that can alleviate pain, nausea and other medical symptoms (MPP, 2017). As per the legal definition provided, the implementation of this bill is in line with the federal laws of united states. In other states, the Cannabis usage is allowable and even recognized by the United States Department of Health and Human Services as one of the prescriptions to some patients for their use as a medicine (NCGA, 2017). The law is to work within North Carolina state laws and to reduce the number of patients and medical officer arrests who are eligible to use and prescribe the substance. Ultimately, the legislative advocates the distribution of cannabis to be provided within the limits of medical use.

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Stakeholder and Decision Makers

The bill will impact different groups within North Carolina society. Foremost, the law is a relief to North Carolinians with a variety of severe medical conditions and doctors’ recommendations from arrest and protection for using marijuana. This relief follows the enactment of CBD focused laws that left the vast majority of potential medical cannabis users without any legal protections making it even difficult for insourcing supplies for cannabis extract (MPP, 2017). It is also a business-oriented bill which will impact on the state revenues and the rural dwellers. This impacts will translate to different families with patients using the cannabis and with businesses that insource the supply of marijuana within the state.

History accounts that the perennial proposal has failed to gain traction in the past due to various claims from different agencies within the state (Cioffi, 2017).  Its failure is majorly associate to be as a result of political affiliations whereby the Republicans are said to resist the passing of the bill more especially in the southern states. Currently, there is a new perception on cannabis use as indicated from the Gall up research poll that identified 90% of the residents to support the legalization of the bill, inclusive of 70% who require the legalization to be only for medical use (Cioffi, 2017). The past argument by the republicans was based on the recreational purposes rather than medical usage.  The current changed perceptions indicate an increased support from the Republicans with the majority accepting the legalization only for medical usage (Meeks, 2017).

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Likewise, the bill is also a potential source of state revenue. As per the data gathered from other states where medical cannabis is regulated, allowing of Cannabis will result in approximately $250,000,000 per year in revenues for the state within the first four years of implementation (NCGA, 2017).  Therefore, both the North Carolinians and the state government of North Carolina will benefit from the implementation of the bill as a medicine and a source of revenue that will indirectly help the state development agendas.  Institutions within North Carolina will benefit indirectly from implementing the law due to the requirement of research information on the drug usage and supply within the state.


North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act is pushed for implementation by the state lawmakers due to its attributed merits. The assumption and support of the public from the Gallup research report still indicates that some North Carolinians are in support for the distributions to gain access to marijuana for reactional reasons.  If the act is passed and implemented, he nonqualified residents will access the substance easily.  This access may result in more influences that may contribute to more arrest cases if the users do not responsibly use the drug for medical purposes as provided the bill.

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