Analyzing the Texas school shooting

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A gun control element depicts the need for domestic regulation of firearms: production, trading, possession, usage, and transportation within a state, country, or continent (McLively, 2022). This concerns the specific class of weaponry like revolvers, rifles, carbines, self-loading pistols, and assault machine guns. The primary issue leading to poor gun control legislation is the politicization of gun control policy, as the legislation favors some populations. The latest school shooting at Robb Elementary School is among the prominent examples of mass shootings in the past in the United States, leading to a significant outcry of the government’s review of the gun policy. The discussion focuses on depicting the Texas school shooting from a gun control perspective to help analyze how the gun control law regulation influences the general safety levels.

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Texas School Shooting Description

Gun violence remains a significant problem in the US, as many lives are taken daily. The 24th of May 2022 remains among the darkest and most horrific days in Texas, America, and the world. The media broke the worst news of a school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, by Salvador Ramos using an AR-15-style rifle. The school shooting at Robb Elementary recently robbed Texas families and the world of 19 children aged 9 to 11 years and 2 teachers aged 44 and 48. The children were both in third and fourth grade (Coronado & Vertuno, 2022). Additionally, 18 more people were injured during the shooting, including police officers, while most of the victims died in the ambulance en route and upon arrival at Uvalde Memorial Hospital and University Hospital in San Antonio. 11 children were admitted for emergency care after the shooting. This places the school shooting as the deadliest in Texas and the third-deadliest school shooting in the US, following the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 and the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in 2012 (Coronado & Vertuno, 2022).

Gun Control Law Regulation in the State Influence General Level of Safety

Getting into details of the Texas school shooting is a painful memory, especially for family members, the victims, and the majority of the public. An example is a recent tweet by one of the parents depicting how the FBI delivered her deceased child’s school bag with bullet holes. Thinking, reading various social media posts, watching the news on shooting, or even talking about it is throbbing, but this is the only way to cry out for help from the government. Talking about the school shooting provides a clear perspective on the need for major gun control law regulations within Texas and the US, influencing better safety levels. Various studies have shown that the US and Yemen view gun or firearm ownership as a basic right for their civilians. Such has led to the development of more permissive civilian gun ownership regimes.

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Consequently, the gun control law regulation in Texas, US, will be efficient for enhanced general safety if the laws are stricter. Such will prevent further suicide, homicide, and injury rates as lenient gun control laws facilitate easier access to guns. For instance, there is a need to be stricter on the mode of gun or firearm purchase and payment. Secondly, it will be more efficient if a universal mandatory background check is conducted on potential gun buyers, including their families, mental health states, and possible buying intentions (Furlow, 2022). Moreover, there is a need to define the age restrictions on who can have a gun and how to store them at home. For instance, the youths are not supposed to have guns or firearms. Most youths are risky to handle guns as they lack a proper understanding of gun implications, while some have been violent to others (Chavez et al., 2022). Besides, most lack self-control, especially when one is a bullying victim and can easily snap due to peer pressure, thus, engaging in such shootings.

Additionally, having mandatory waiting period laws following firearm purchases will enhance gun control law restrictions (Carter et al., 2022). Waiting periods reduce gun violence as the law restricts gun purchases by impulsive clients, as in the case of Ramos, who purchased his two guns from an online retailer. Having major gun control law restrictions will help holistically keep guns out of high-risk individuals’ hands in Texas State and the US. These include those under domestic violence, a conviction for misdemeanors, and restraining order categories (McLively, 2019). Therefore, the regulations will help establish more procedures for purchasing and owning a gun under the established laws. Moreover, multiple rigorous permissions on gun purchases will prohibit illegal gun ownership as the buyers can easily be traced or located. Restrictive gun licensing laws are also associated with limited gun injuries.

How Gun Control State Law Provoke Cases of Violence

BBC News (2022) highlights gun possession and the harm guns have caused Americans, including children. Currently, the US’s ratio of firearms to residents is 120.5:100, up from 2011’s 88:100. This surpasses any other country globally, indicating that gun ownership has grown significantly over the last several years. First-time gun owners continue to increase by approximately 3% of the American population every four months. Young adults and adolescents increasingly own guns, contributing to gun violence and injury rates. Poor gun control law regulation has increasingly provoked the increase in gun violence, as in the case of Salvador Ramos, a high-school dropout. Hence, a higher gun ownership level in a state leads to a stronger relationship with higher suicide rates among all genders.


Americans are at a prime time to fight against gun violence to help reduce mass shootings and massacres, as in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. This depicts the need for sensible gun control laws regulation in the state through reduced access to such dangerous weapons. The government should conduct universal background checks on gun purchasers without loopholes while institutionalizing the waiting periods. Moreover, America is to establish a gun safety culture by reducing firearm access to youths and people at risk of harming others like Salvador Ramos. The gun industry should be held accountable to ensure adequate oversight of guns’ and ammunitions’ sales or marketing. The sellers must engage responsible gun orders and dealers with mandatory training and licensing.

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