Argument essay against gun control

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Type: Argumentative Essay
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Topics: 🔫 Gun Control, 🔪 Crime, 🔫 Gun Violence
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Gun Control Debate

Gun control issues remain among the most significant and controversial in the United States. Gun control policies are a subject that sometimes has sparked a never-ending controversy, with opponents and proponents trying to justify and passionately defend their positions. In the United States, gun control has become a preeminent issue today. Many Americans disagree with the gun control policies that are in place today. Most people in America have different reasons for owning a firearm. Guns are usually acquired without the intention of being used in violent crimes (Burton et al., 2021). Individuals often obtain guns for sport or self-defence. Moreover, people who own guns are not likely to be attacked by criminals, and gun control laws do not stop people from using other methods to commit crimes.

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Most Americans believe owning a gun is one of the best ways of protection if correctly used. There is no need, therefore, for the government to make it hard for people to win firearms. For instance, the second amendment states the right of citizens to bear arms. It does not grant every person the right to own a firearm. Gun control laws make it harder for an average individual to own a gun (Conley, 2019). The gun control laws are not a good idea, instead are taking part in the loss of the freedom given to people by the second amendment. However, the rights to own firearms have significant benefits to the citizens and government, such as an increased sense of security, restrained powers of a government and reduced crime rates.

Increased sense of security

There are several reasons that individuals want to own firearms. One of the significant reasons people own guns is to protect themselves and their families. Guns often offer a great source of psychological reassurance, even among individuals who are not concerned about the fear of crimes of being victimized. Gun ownership is a policy allowed because of the primary reason of self-defence and protection (Hill et al., 2020). The right to own a firearm enables an individual to resist any form of aggression by invaders or burglars. It also gives the owner a level ground as the attackers, instilling fear in potential culprits, thus minimizing the vulnerability to attack, which may result in deaths or serious injuries.

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Gun ownership is a fundamental right to secure people from any attack. The rights to own a gun are one of the critical factors for self-defence as well as for promoting own security. Gun control policies and practices often expose individuals to danger, making them more vulnerable. Gun control laws would only prevent citizens from protecting themselves from foreign invasion but are not the solution to violent crimes (Legault et al., 2019). The rules merely infringe upon the right to self-defence and deny citizens a sense of safety, hence not an effective way of preventing all kinds of crimes.

Restrains powers of a government and Reduced Crimes

Gun control laws remove firearms from law-abiding citizens and do not help stop criminals from buying illegal guns. The criminals are more likely not to obey the law or even register firearms. Many times, gun control laws are improperly used. Gun control is the government regulating citizens’ possession and use of weapons. However, the government is using it to take away the citizens’ rights to bear firearms. Thus, allowing private citizens to own guns is essential to check the government authorities’ excesses. The government in such a situation does not have the monopoly of power and armoury; therefore, it would treat its citizens with caution (Sanjurjo, 2020). It is also crucial because it minimizes the government’s infringement on the right to own guns as stipulated in the second amendment. The second amendment, therefore, is meant to protect citizens from tyrannical government and criminals.

Gun control laws do not deter gun-related violent crimes; however, gun ownership deters crimes. The possession of illegal guns significantly controls most crimes. A nation, therefore, enjoys many benefits by allowing its citizens the right to own firearms since various reasons are linked to their security as well as their investments and reasons (Goodman & Perry, 2018). Moreover, it is also difficult to achieve absolute gun control because criminals will still procure guns through evil ways like black markets. Gun ownership is, therefore, essential in reducing crime rates since most gun owners cite protection as the primary reason for procuring them.


Gun control laws are necessary, although they are not the most effective way of dealing with violent crimes. Guns are always acquired with no intention of being used in crime. Most people obtain firearms for self-defence and sports. Therefore, gun ownership is necessary since it provides civilians with a sense of protection and safety. Moreover, gun control laws are merely ways governments deny people their right to own guns for self-protection and to protect their homes and properties. Additionally, gun ownership significantly reduces crime cases because people gun owners have an opportunity to resist any aggression from invaders or burglars. Gun ownership is a fundamental right, as stated in the second amendment, because of its benefits for citizens and governments. Gun ownership policy is necessary to create a safe environment; gun control laws will only endanger the lives of citizens whenever faced with aggression by criminals rendering them defenceless.

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