Key issues in domestic violence

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Topics: 💥 Domestic Violence, 🔪 Crime
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The article addresses what domestic violence is and defines the various form of violence. Domestic violence occurs in local settings whereby the victims are family members for most of the cases. The violence could also be between partners. The article focuses on the issues that are brought about by domestic violence and the impact in the society (Anthony Morgan and Hannah Chadwick 7). The effects of domestic violence range from social, economic, and emotional to the victims. The family in not only the ones affected but also the community as a whole. The survey state that women and children are more affected by domestic violence as compared to men.

The research methods used for data collection was quantitative research. There is numerical data that state 4.7% of females were physically assaulted and a figure showing the number of men who have been violated. The method has been used to generate numerical data that has been transformed into the useful statistic. The reason for using this research method is because they were handling a large sample population. They have used surveys from books or online to make the work easier. The sample size was the whole world which means that using questionnaires was impossible. They have analyzed the existing data to get the statistics.

The source is objective because they have given out the statistics of domestic violence and the effects. They have shown how our society handles the issue and how deep the issue has taken routes. There is the need for people to be educated more about the issue because many seem to ignore as they do not know how they can get help or they do not want to break up their families.  The source could also be biased because the use of statistics would mean that they used ballpark figures which are a rough estimate.

The article is on identifying domestic violence and how one can manage the case. The survey chooses to answer questions on the diagnosis of domestic violence and its prevalence. They came up with methods to see whether their intervention worked and within a year they had the results. The research has also focused on domestic violence between intimate partners in the United States. The research method used is the qualitative method whereby they visited five primary care clinics and issued questionnaires to people. There was also one on one interview with some patients as well as observation. The method of collecting data was valid because they were able to come up with case findings. The participants were survivors of domestic violence who visit health centers for intervention. Intervention has also helped the victims who have been suffered multiple assaults by empowering them with skills on how to handle violence (Coker 1430).

The source is objective because they had firsthand of information. The method used in data collection was one on one interviews which mean that they got the real facts from people and not a rough estimate. They were able to deal with individuals without depending on written sources or past records. Domestic violence is an issue in our society and training people on how to manage it could lead to saving of many lives. A lot of people die while others get complications because of not having the knowledge on how to take care of themselves.

The article addresses how domestic violence has affected the community a whole. The authors state how the effect start at home and how it spreads to the community. Women are the most affected in the society because they are vulnerable. Domestic violence is a global concern which entails physical, psychological, financial, sexual or social abuse. The violence can also be frequent, or occasional. The WHO state that one out of three married women undergoes some form of violence. The method used in the research is quantitative because they have gotten the information from written sources since it covers a broad sample. They have used numerical data to state the statistics to quantify the defined variable. The method of data collection was through online surveys (Decker 2).

The research can be biased because the online surveys provide an approximate figure and not the actual numbers. It could lead to an exaggeration or understatement of the problem. Domestic violence is an issue within our society, and it needs to be addressed and given more attention. Perpetrators should also face justice for causing harm to victims. The community should create awareness on the issue.

Research design

Why is domestic violence prevalent in our society?

We live in the 21st century where there is a struggle to attain gender equality. The Society strives to ensure that people practice their rights in a way that they do not cause harm to others. Consequently, domestic violence is still an issue within the community and it is affecting more and more people.  The search would also aim to offer help to people undergoing abuse and how they perpetrators can also seek help since most of them are mentally disturbed. In the research study, the method of data collection would be qualitative whereby I would use one on one interviews and questionnaires. These methods will be effective in collecting the actual data because the recording would be real figures and not an estimate.

The participants in the research study will be survivors of domestic violence and perpetrators as well. Some offenders have been locked in; others are receiving psychological care thus using them as participants will ensure of getting first-hand information. Afterward, the research will be able to offer solutions to people experiencing the problem. The questionnaire questions will be easy and direct to ensure that the participants do not feel uncomfortable when answering the questions. The questionnaire will also be close ended and opened ended. The close-ended questions would be for individuals who do not feel comfortable talking about the issue, and the open-ended would be for people who feel ready to open up.

  1. How did the violence start at home?
  2. What were the aggregating factors for the violence?
  3. Have you ever tried seeking help to stop the abuse?
  4. Were you abused in your earlier years of life?

Use of questionnaire method can lead to biases of information because the participants might choose to give the wrong information. Some participants might also decide not to respond to the fears of their privacy. The qualitative method of data collection can be inefficient too when there are ethical issues involved. During collection of information in the group setting some people may feel uncomfortable in talking about their private domestic matters.

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