Why the Black Lives Matter Movement Is Important

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) refers to a decentralized social and political movement that aims to combat racism, racial inequality, and discrimination that blacks experience in the U.S and the entire world. The movement began after the killing of blacks, such as Michael Brown, Pamela Turner, Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, and Eric Garner. Also, it advocates for several policy changes tailored toward enhancing the liberation of blacks. The Black Lives Matter movement, which started in July 2013, holds peaceful demonstrations (Thompson & Thurston, 2020). BLM has been less of a civil rights movement and more of a human rights movement. The Black Lives Matter movement is very important as it has helped fight against racism and discrimination, and as a result, people of color have been able to occupy more leadership positions.

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The Black Lives Matter Movement Has Helped Combat Racism

The BLM movement was started with the key aim of protecting blacks in the U.S against the brutality and killings perpetrated by the police. In addition, the movement has advocated for peace in the country by advancing conversations about institutional racism (Pitts, 2017). Blacks have emerged in huge numbers to take part in the movement’s protests after witnessing its effect even on white people. The movement’s ideals have been illuminated by the increased numbers and the need for blacks to be heard. Institutional racism comprises how blacks are treated differently from their white counterparts (Orejuela & Shonekan, 2018). In line with this, the Black Lives Matter movement focuses on improving the opportunities for blacks in the workplace and education. It also improves the number of black political positions in North American society. Besides, the movement seeks to advocate for fair treatment of blacks in other social amenities, such as schools and hospitals (Thompson & Thurston, 2020).

Surprisingly, the movement began during the time of the ever first black person to become president of the U.S. As a result, black people felt highly inspired to advocate for their human rights (Murphy, 2021). Furthermore, the movement could not hesitate to start the conversation since blacks had huge influence and inspiration during the era of former U.S President Barrack Obama. Barrack Obama’s victory as the president of the U.S. made blacks feel that they could prosper in society despite being discriminated against. This advantage served as a driving point for the movement to start advocating for fair treatment of blacks to enable them to enjoy equal opportunities with whites (Orejuela & Shonekan, 2018).

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The tremendous growth of the BLM movement has led to the involvement of international brands for equal treatment of all people in the U.S. and worldwide (Pitts, 2017). Through the advocacy of the Black Lives Matter movement, companies have acquired a clear and detailed understanding of what society needs to do to offer everyone an opportunity to practice their skills and improve their lives. Huge brands worldwide have joined the BLM movement to help spread the advocacy for how the lives of blacks are essential so as the need to treat everyone fairly regardless of their racial or ethnic background (Murphy, 2021). These corporates have actively given black and white people the same incentives and positions to enhance fairness and equity. In addition, by accepting the slogan of “Black Lives Matter,” these organizations have helped advance the movement’s efforts in combating racism (Thompson & Thurston, 2020).

Women Are Taking More Positions in Leadership

The Black Lives Matter Movement also plays a vital role in ensuring blacks are fairly allocated top leadership positions in organizations and the government. More corporates have started to pay attention to the skills offered by people of color rather than focusing on the stereotypes about these ethnic groups (Thompson & Thurston, 2020). Therefore, when black people lobby and offer their credentials for leadership positions, they are more likely to access them. When blacks occupy political positions, they can help the authorities understand the black community’s issues and address the challenges appropriately (Pitts, 2017). To achieve a complete representation, it is crucial to have all races occupy top leadership and political positions in organizations and the government. Black leadership in the U.S., such as President Obama and vice president Kamala, has empowered black people to occupy positions of leadership in society (Murphy, 2021). These two people’s achievements in leadership have inspired young black people to develop an interest in making their lives better by pursuing leadership opportunities.


The Black Lives Matter movement has helped combat racism in the U.S and inspired more blacks to take on leadership positions in organizations and the government. Three black women founded the movement in 2013 to advocate for the human rights of blacks. In addition, the movement seeks to stop police brutality and discrimination against black people in the U.S. and worldwide. Through its advocacy, the Black Lives Matter movement has enhanced the equal and fair treatment of people of all races. Today, blacks and other ethnic groups can occupy any leadership position without discrimination or prejudice.

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