Boris Johnson’s cadence summary

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Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom who served as the British Prime Minister from July 2019 to 2022. He was born in the United States in New York City on 19 June 1964. From 2008 to 2016, Johnson served as the second chosen London Mayor. From 2016 to 2018, he served as foreign affairs secretary of state and became the prime minister afterwards. Johnson made significant achievements during his political career but engaging in illegal activities such as breaking Covid-19 social distancing rules and being involved in several scandals such as the “Partygate scandal” and the “Pincher incident” led to his cadence.

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Boris Johnson’s Main Achievements

Based on the information in the public domain, it is evident that Boris Johnson’s most significant accomplishment was Brexit. He will forever be remembered as the Prime Minister who got Britain out of the European Union (EU). He worked hard to convince voters to support the nation’s bid to exit the EU. He described Brexit as an opportunity for the United Kingdom to substantially transform itself and reconstruct its old empire in the modern world. He said that Brexit would allow Britain to achieve its desire to become the world’s free market leader, have cutting-edge finance and free ports, and become a sovereign nation with nimble regulations (Booth, 2022). However, Brexit critics argue that it has not delivered on its promises as of 2022. Therefore, they say that the United Kingdom has not truly achieved Brexit.

Johnson accomplished more as the mayor of London than the Prime Minister of England. His tenure as Prime Minister was riddled with numerous scandals. During his tenure as the mayor of London, the crime rate was significantly reduced. In 2008, there were 155 murder cases in London, while in 2014, only 94. However, the crime rate started rising again in 2015 under Johnson’s leadership. His second achievement as mayor was the construction of affordable homes in London. He constructed more affordable homes than Ken Livingstone, his predecessor (Walker, 2019). Additionally, Johnson reduced road deaths by forty-three percent. When Johnson got into the office, there were 204 road deaths in London, while in 2016, there were only 116.

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Boris Johnson’s Cadence

Boris Johnson is one of the most controversial political leaders in the history of England. He has been involved in several scandals and corruption cases that eventually led to his forced resignation in July 2022. Members of Parliament and ministers from his Conservative Party shunned him, stating that he was no longer fit to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Sedon, 2022). Boris Johnson was accused of participating in numerous illegal activities throughout his leadership career, but three of the scandals were the most significant in his cadence.

The “Partygate” Scandal

Amid the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, scandals and accusations arose regarding parties held in government buildings. Johnson had a party in his Downing Street Office, breaching the lockdown rules and regulations. Furthermore, he held the party on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, a sign of disregard for the Royal Family. He was fined by the police and forced to apologize to the monarch for holding the party (Saigol, 2022). This scandal ruined his reputation in the public eye as he claimed he was unaware that holding parties was illegal during the period in question.

The Pincher Incident

Several government officials resigned from the government a few days before Johnson’s resignation due to serious allegations made by a respected ex-civil servant. The ex-civil servant claimed that Johnson’s administration misinformed the public regarding earlier accusations of sexual harassment involving Christopher Pincher. In February 2022, Johnson nominated Pincher as deputy chief whip (Amos, 2022). Christopher Pitcher was sent out of the Conservative Party when he admitted the accusations against him were true. However, it was later established that Pitcher had been previously accused of sexual harassment, and Johnson’s office was aware of those allegations before his nomination.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Things got worse when numerous additional scandals concerning allegations of sexual misconduct against members of parliament allied to Johnson arose. The allegations resulted in the resignation of several lawmakers, significantly hurting the Conservative Party. As a result, Conservatives fell short in the elections held in June 2022. Imran Ahmed Khan was forced to resign after he was found guilty of sexually abusing a kid. Neil Parish was also forced to resign after admitting he had watched pornographic videos twice on his phone in parliament (Bushard, 2022). Another Conservative lawmaker was detained in July after being accused of rape and sexual assault. Emerging details indicate that Johnson’s office was aware of the sexual misconduct allegations but swept them under the rugs.

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Boris Johnson has been a member of parliament, the mayor, the secretary of state, and the Prime Minister. He left the English Prime Minister’s office with a political legacy that will be debated and echoed for several years. He is one of the most controversial figures in England since only a few politicians can accomplish the things he achieved during his career and lose it quickly and dramatically as he did. His greatest accomplishment was Brexit, but too many scandals led to his downfall. Sexual misconduct allegations and the “Partygate” scandal are some of the most significant factors contributing to his cadence.

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