Effects of Brexit on Sporting Labour Markets

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The topic that has been chosen is the impact of Brexit on sports labour market. The topic is imperative as it will help to comprehend about the future of the UK economy. The UK football clubs have more non-UK residents as compared to UK residents mostly due to present immigration. It can be anticipated that due to Brexit, lesser number of UK players will be given the chance to play. The UK has been shocked by the decision to leave the EU since they voted to leave the EU. The sports labour market has been highly affected due to Brexit as without the liberty to move freely more than 400 UK players will lose their right to play within their football leagues (Dhingra et al., 2017). This is mostly because, the vote to leave EU will also make them lose their EU membership. Even though EU players have been granted permission to play within the UK, however in order to play outside the EU, the players are required to achieve a permit. This type of permit is mostly based on the FIFA ranking of the player. The motive is to illustrate whether the UK remains in the single market after Brexit or they require to leave the single market. However, UK leaving the single market will lead to difficult results for the football clubs.

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The research method is described as a systematic strategy that helps to carry out a research. A research methodology describes both systematic and scientific methods that help to solve issues (Patten and Newhart, 2017). There are two types of research namely, qualitative research and quantitate research. The research method that has been conducted involves qualitative method. The qualitative policy deals with analysing historical data, academic articles, reports, journals and books. It is imperative to take into account that qualitative methods consider the factors that are determined as helpful to carry out the research. In this report the qualitative research is regarded as a semi-structured interview that is slightly underutilized. The exceptional flexibility of this research is that it involves a structured viewpoint while addressing particular dimensions. The unstructured interview will help to provide data that are not adequate enough to the research questions. As a result, the semi structured interviews have been considered. The method will comprise of focus groups that is considered as a sort of interviewing structure that is helpful to provide answers to specific research questions.

Research Question

Has the football clubs been affected by Brexit with regard to their movement in the sports market?

Qualitative collection of data will involve semi structured interviews to provide answer to the research question. The research question will be addressed based on the viewpoint of the professionals regarding problems in the sports labour market. The semi structured interviews will be gathered by making the use of tape recorders where the interviews will be transliterated word for word.

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