Immigrants from Mexico to America

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Immigration is one of the most critical challenges affecting many countries in the US. For decades, the US has been a beacon of hope for many immigrants from different social constructions in the world. Immigrants from Mexico to the US have increased over time. A collective majority of the Mexican immigrants move to the US in search of better education, jobs and to live the ‘American Dream.’ One of the most critical phenomena about the Mexican immigrants is that they travel in mass exodus. This paper will deal with the reasons for the exodus mass movement of immigrants from Mexico to America and what different organizations are doing concerning the issue.

In 2013, Mexican immigrants in the United States were close to twelve million people. This immigration to the United States of America was as a result of many factors, and one of the elements was sociological. The United States immigration act of 1964 was meant to offer amnesty for the sake of family unification. The law was put in place to ensure that families that were disintegrated were allowed to be restored or unified. This law led to increased migration from Mexico to the United States of America. The other factor that influenced this exodus movement of people from Mexico to the United States was high levels of rural poverty that was being experienced in Mexico. The other sociological factor that led to immigration from Mexico to the US is criminal tendencies.

Political factors contributed a lot to the exodus of the Mexican immigrants into the United States of America. At the beginning of the 20th century, Mexico experienced a great political revolution. This revolution began as a result of the injustices that the government leveled against the masses. During the reign of Porfiriato power was with a few people who were in the government. It followed that those people who wanted to participate in politics were not allowed. This political unrest in the country contributed to the exodus movement of people to the United States of America to try and look for safer and stable grounds (Hurd, 2014). The revolution led to the loss of lives through civil wars that took place in Mexico. After the revolution, Mexico became a one-party state and this also caused further political unrest leading to exodus immigration to the United States of America.

Organizations Dealing with the Immigration issue

International organization for migration

Many organizations are involved in the immigration of people into the United States. These organizations are both governmental and non-governmental. One of these organizations is the international organization for migration. There are approximately 450, 000 of people every year from Mexico who crosses the border to enter the united states without proper documentation (Omelaniuk, 2012). The numbers of the people migrating from Mexico to America is alarming, and that is why international organization for migration came into place to help offer solutions to this problem.

The international organization for migration has tried to deal with this issue in many ways. Through the government funding, the organization developed a program in 2005 that aimed at counseling immigrants, giving them travel documents and helping them in the orientation matters. It also helps the immigrants by connecting them to family members and offering air tickets. This organization also helps in the repatriation of the immigrant to their original counties.

Minuteman organization

The other organization that deals with the issue of exodus movement of people from Mexico to America is referred to as the Minuteman organization. This organization came into being in 2004.  It was launched by Jim Gilchrist together with Chris Simcox. According to this organization, the government had failed to protect the United States of America from outside intrusion of immigrants, mainly from Mexico (Omelaniuk, 2012). The organization established that many people were crossing the border of Mexico to enter into America without legal documents. The organization is considered as neighborhood watch, and it monitors the movement of people crossing the border with the aim of curbing the immigration into America. It is concerned with immigrants who try to cross the border from Mexico without documents. It helps in restricting such individuals from entering the United States of America.

Data application

The data gathered from this study can be understood well by use of trust equation. Trust equation deals with trustworthiness. It proposes four different variables that help to measure trustworthiness. These variables are reliability, credibility, self-orientation, and intimacy. The data collected meets the standard set in the criteria of trust equation. The sources of the data match the standard of credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation (Green, 2012). The organizations involved and the government information gathered meets the trust equation standard.


The Mexico American immigration exodus is a phenomenon that requires serious attention from both the government and the no government bodies. The number of people moving from Mexico to America is growing every day. The laws governing the immigration process seem not to be helping in reducing these numbers. People looking for greener pastures in America are flocking the borders of Mexico to enter into the United States of America. Despite Mexico being ranked among the richest countries in the world, this has not reduced the movement of people. The government of Mexico should be at the forefront to help reduce this flow of people from the country. Priority should be put on the real issues that affect the people so that every citizen of Mexico can feel cared for in his or her own country. If this can be done, then it will help in reducing the number of people moving to the United States of America to look for better opportunities.

The other critical issue that makes this immigration more challenging is the fact that many people do not use legal documents while crossing the border. According to data gathered from the above sources, the majority of the people crossing the border illegally. People just gather on a daily basis trying to sneak into America without proper documents from the authorities. When people cross the border illegally, then this is against the laws of both the two countries and therefore it calls for immediate attention from the government.


Mexican immigrants tend traveling in mass exodus as they move in the United States. Most of the immigrants immigrate to the US in search of better jobs, proper living standards and live the American Dream. Violent crimes and poverty provoke the Mexicans to immigrate to the US. Proper structures must be put in place to ensure that everything that concerns migration on the Mexico and American border is put to check. The issue of injustices that are found in the Mexican society should be addressed to avoid this exodus. Many citizens want to dwell in a country where their security can be guaranteed. Therefore, since insecurity is one of the reasons for the exodus movement the country should consider providing adequate security.

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