Boris Johnson’s Position on Russia-Ukraine War and His Visits to Ukraine

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The Russia-Ukraine war attracted controversies and debates worldwide. Although high-profile leaders held different views on it, several leaders condemned the invasion of Russia into Ukraine, while few others sided with the actions of Vladimir Putin. Boris Johnson became a controversial figure in the Russia-Ukraine war. Before his resignation, Boris was the UK’s prime minister. Although the Russian-Ukraine war has been gruesome, Boris maintained that the attack on Ukraine was unnecessary and that supporting and demonstrating solidarity with Ukrainian citizens is essential.

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Boris Condemned the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Boris maintained that the move by Russia to attack Ukraine was unnecessary and should be condemned strongly. He believed that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a perfect example of “toxic masculinity” (Badshah, 2022). Boris maintained that if Putin could be a woman, he would not have launched such inhumane attacks on Ukraine. Women are believed to have sympathy and care for the people rather than causing destruction involving killing humans. He continued to urge women to take leadership roles and overcome war challenges in the future. Thus, Boris agreed to cooperate with Ukraine and increase reinforcement and other military equipment to counter Russia.

Boris Visited Ukraine to Show Solidarity

Johnson made nearly two visits to Ukraine to show solidarity with Ukrainian citizens. On the 9th of April 2022, Johnson made his first visit to Ukraine and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, following the tension brought on by the ongoing war (Wintour & Harding, 2022). The visit was considered a demonstration of the UK’s commitment to assisting Ukraine in overcoming the crisis. President Zelenskiy praised the prime minister and termed it a sign of freedom and good leadership (Wintour & Harding, 2022). The UK government was committed to supporting Ukraine by strengthening its military operations. For instance, Aljazeera news media reported that the UK had to send 800 anti-tank missiles and other high-grade military equipment worth $130 to help Ukraine fight Russia (Al Jazeera, 2022). Boris’s visits to Ukraine were positively welcomed and established a long-term relationship between the two countries. Britain has been cooperating with Ukraine for several years, and the meeting between the two leaders was an effective strategy to cement this relationship. The UK Prime Minister assured Ukraine of the unwavering support and commitment of the UK to assist Ukraine in stopping the brutal actions of Russia. In his statement, President Zelenskiy acknowledged the move by the prime minister to help Ukraine during turbulent times. He stated, “this is a true reflection of the decisive and significant support to Ukraine and from the UK, and we are always grateful for that” (Reardon, 2022). At this stage, Boris clarified that the UK would support Ukraine in fighting Russia and preventing further intrusion in the targeted cities. However, Russia did not welcome this move, and the Moscow government banned Boris from entering the country.

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Boris’s visits to Ukraine accompanied military packages and financial support. The second visit on the 17th of June 2022 was considered a surprise because it was unexpected. Boris offered weapons and training programs for the military to equip the soldiers with technical skills, medical skills, cybersecurity, and tactics for countering the weapons (Castle, 2022). Finally, during the marking of Independence Day on the 31st of August 2022, Boris traveled to Ukraine to continue with his mission of solidarity and support. He introduced new packages to support military operations, including unmanned air systems for surveillance, training of military personnel to fly helicopter drones, and £54 million military package (Prime Minister’s Office, 2022). Undoubtedly, the prime minister’s visits to Ukraine were purposely directed to reduce the Russian military strength that had become a serious concern. Some of the events that triggered Boris’s decision were the killing of Ukrainian citizens, massive loss of property, and displacement of the citizens.


The former UK prime minister maintained that Putin would not have attacked Ukraine if it wasn’t for demonstrating his toxic masculinity. Boris made nearly three visits to Ukraine to show support and solidarity for the citizens and the government. After meeting President Zelenskiy, Boris issued several promises to strengthen the military operations and support the mission to combat Russia’s invasion. Furthermore, the support offered to Ukraine was to help train the military personnel and provide financial assistance to the army. Finally, it is worth noting that the Moscow government condemned Boris’s actions and imposed a ban on entering Russia. Indeed, the opinions on the Russian-Ukraine war are controversial, with world leaders taking delicate positions on this matter. However, the position taken during the war is increasingly a critical concern because it can destroy the diplomatic relationships between the rivals and other countries.

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