Archeology Video Review

Subject: 🏺 History
Type: Analytical Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 316
Topics: Archeology, 🌍 Africa, 📽️ Film Review
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What are the main points of the video?

The video discusses migration from the onset of humans. The main points include the origins of humans and how they moved from one place to populate the whole world. Another major point stressed in the video is the fact that humans originated from Africa. Some of the things the evidence origin of humans from Africa include fossils, footprint, languages etc. found by archeologists. Migration of humans as the video demonstrates has been largely shaped the population of the world. Moreover, migration resulted from environmental changes that prompted early humans to move from one place to another thereby spreading from one corner of the earth to the other places. The video also notes that though origins of humans is in Africa, bones of hominids have been found by archeologists all over the world suggesting early migration of humans to other parts of the world. Another important fact that the video talks about is that evidence of early cultural expressions have been found all over the world. Among them, language and storytelling were spotted in Africa while works of art were discovered in Australia and America. All these points towards migration of humans and settlement in different parts of the earth.

In summary this video states:

Origins of humans can be traced in Africa where fossils have been discovered. Additionally, the video states that migration of humans started with the early forms of humans, which occurred due to environmental changes. It discusses how the Bantus have spread across the world especially in Africa and trace their origins and movements. Finally, the video states that early forms of cultural expressions were seen in the form of languages and expressions of art.

I would rate this video:



The information provided is satisfactory, interesting, and very informative. The speaker involves other experts’ comments, which makes the information credible and more understandable.

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