Challenges that forensic psychologists experience

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Receiving counseling services for a person experiencing stress is very essential. However, forensic psychologists experience a lot of challenges also experience of challenges when trying to extend their services to police officers experiencing stress. Here are the two major challenges that he officers experience.

Lack of Enthusiasm

Many people in the social experience challenges and stress but fail to act by visiting institutions where they can find assistance. Most of the stressed personnel in the law enforcement sector are reluctant to seek counseling services when faced with stress (Rostow, and Davis, 2014). Most of the officers opt for depersonalization and avoidance as a form of remedy to the stress they are experiencing (Barnett, 2007).  Additionally, most are reluctant to share their feelings with others for fear of stigmatization (Bartol, and Bartol, 2012). The officers also experience a working environment that is unsupportive and where individuals are stigmatized when they seek help.

To address the issue, the psychology professionals should engage the police department directly to assist them in understanding the need for psychology assistance among the police services. The officers should also be educated on the need to seek the assistance of psychological professionals when faced with stress (Bartol, and Bartol, 2012). The education would assist in abating stigmatization among the officers who seek assistance when they experience stress.

Lack of Respect for Psychology Professionals

Most of the police officers do not respect the services of psychology professionals. The police officers feel that the psychologists are not at the same level with the police officers. The experiences that they go through makes them feel that no one can understand them (Fay, 2013). The police officers rely on one another for support hence do not see the need for psychological assistance.

To address the issue, psychology counselors should create an environment of mutual respect by understanding the environment that the police work. The counselor should educate the officers on the need to receive counseling they are faced with stress.

Ethical Issue

Fidelity and trustworthiness to commitments are one of the ethical issues that the forensic psychologists experience. In the police sector, the senior management is expected to be respected by the juniors. The senior officers may intrude into the life of the junior officers requesting for information about the other officers. A forensic psychologist may be obliged to let out client’s private information.

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