Near Death Experience

Subject: 📚 Philosophy
Type: Informative Essay
Pages: 318
Word count: 1
Topics: Ethics, Human Nature, Life Changing Experience
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In verbatim, a near death experience is regarded as a personal involvement that is associated with imminent death. These experiences are as a result of life-threatening conditions or events. Notably, such experiences are usually encompassed with sensations such as the presence of light, moods of levitation, detachment from the body, perfect ending, security, total peacefulness, and warmth (Griffith, 2009). Research has showcased that these feelings/sensations are as a result of reflex action in case of a life-threatening condition or event. However, some religions and transcendental customs ascertain this experience as part of the process that culminates into an afterlife (Coppes, 2013).

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Notably, it is hard to verify the operational definition of near death experience. This uncertainty is as a result of the anxiety, bewilderment, and shock victims undergo through at the threshold of mortality. Victims of this experience always find it difficult to express it in words; it is placed in the realm of ineffable (Lichfield, 2015). It is also vital to comprehend that a near death experience is a psychological event taking place in a physical or emotional crisis. The emotions of these experiences might be good i.e. love, and peace or they might be worse i.e. despairing, anguish and terror. After such an experience, victims embrace an unwavering belief that the experience was a learning of the purpose and nature of life.

For example, in an event whereby one is involved in a tragic and unexpected accident but survives, such is a near death experience. The victim of the accident endures these sensations and feelings. Later on, the victim probably would assert that the near death experience was a lesson or warning of the nature of life. Religiously, Christians and Muslims comprehend that death is inevitable and such occurrences happen so as to remind us of the need to Obey the Lord and our purpose in the earth (Coppes, 2013).

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