China’s artifact

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Chinese culture is diverse, broad, and unique besides anchored on varied aspects that embrace traditions, heritage, art, festivals, symbols and language. This is quite evident in Chinese food, which stands out not only in that region but also globally as a key characteristic of Chinese tradition. Chinese artifacts are in different categories based on their usage and essence that they have in society. These categories include decorative accessories such as Chinese paintings and writings in the traditional scrolls and music. Chinese style of games and sports is also unique whereby the same uniqueness characterizes the model of their weapons among others.

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Chinese greetings are formal, consisting of a heightened extent of etiquette involved. A procedure is involved during greetings whereby one has to greet the elderly first and then the rest follow. The mode of greeting contrary to what is evident in numerous global blocs is generally a nod or a slight bow instead of the normal handshake. For male-to-male, greeting one can involve a double handshake to show that you really value that person. This kind of greeting is not advisable for females as it can be misinterpreted and people construct other things that are not intentional.

Chinese have a way of dressing that is unique and plays a great role in not only explaining but also identifying with their own culture. Traditional clothing basic futures are cross-collar, wrapping the right lapel over the left and wearing long gowns with a shirt or a blouse. Mainly, manufacturing of their clothes utilizes animal skins besides decorated using small stones and animal’s teeth. A great change in the method of dressing came up during the formation of the republic of China. Mao suits became popular among the male while cheongsam among the females. Besides, this traditional attire has different futures in making it and appearances are made though different cutting, decorations, skin color among others. Different types of Chinese uniform include the Han Chinese clothing, Chinese suit, Manchu, Mongolian among others.

Chinese traditional food comprises a wide variety of ingredients, which to some extent spices used may appear unique in numerous parts of the world. Chinese traditional foods are generally agricultural products with keen manufacturing or locally processed foods like tea. They used manure during cultivation to increase the farms produce. Due to the rapid increase of population in China, more types of food emerged as a way of dealing with hunger whereby jokingly some may allege from other parts cannot even take like dogs. Due to this extent of increasing population and hunger, Chinese have recently started consuming meat from animals. Their foods are a great tourist attraction aspect like cuisines even in western regions, for instance, in the US where we have China regions prominently known for Chinese delicacies, for instance, Hawaii. Undeniably, these foods are delicious and very attractive from the outside. Chinese dishes have been famous for a long time because of the color, aroma, taste and appearance. Some of the most popular dishes in Chinese include sweet and sour pork and chicken, gong bao chicken, wontons, spring rolls among others.

Cultural music is inclusive of dancing though initially was not necessarily a source of entertainment. Musicians came up with different types of music and used varied musical instruments uniquely meant for certain festivals and songs. Cultural music includes the classical traditional music of the Elites, the folk and ethnic music. The best traditional music instrument was the keynote. Music had a lot of information in it majorly used in teaching and accomplishing social and political goals. The inherent message helped to maintain social and political unity and happiness as well as to some extent as an aspect of identification.

Cultural building of houses and road construction involved artisans and architectural tools in the constructions and mostly done using wood whereby even to date with the evolution of technological knowhow China stands out in the world. Other construction works used bricks and stones that constructed their buildings and roads well. This is why there is still evidence of very old constructions in China, for instance, the Great Wall of China. Traditionally Chinese used wood while constructing bridges. These bridges ensured interconnection of road networks in China. Road transport was therefore efficient and it encouraged interaction among different people.

The Chinese flag is a red field characterized by five unique golden stars whereby one of them is large plus four stars that surround it. The red color in this flag normally refers or stands for the communist revolution whereas the five stars normally point to Chinese people and their respective harmony or oneness while under the leadership of the Chinese communist party.

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