Critical thinking and ethics

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Critical thinking is that type of thinking that calls for reasoned judgments rather than accepting things as they are. In critical thinking, one questions the logic behind the arguments that are made instead of accepting the conclusions presented in those arguments as the truth (Kincheloe, 2012). Critical thinkers call for evidence as to why a certain point of view is taken as opposed to following the conclusions reached by others.

There are six main steps that are involved in critical thinking. The first step entails having knowledge about the subject that calls for critical thinking. A critical thinker should have vast knowledge in different areas to enable him to think critically whenever there is an issue that requires critical thinking. The second step is comprehension whereby the critical thinker should have an in-depth understanding of issues and problems (Paul & Elder 2009). The third step is application which calls for a critical thinker to apply the knowledge that he posses into coming up with solutions to problems. The fourth step is analysis which calls for the breaking down of concepts into their different parts for better understanding. The fifth step is synthesis which entails putting the component parts together so as to understand the problem better. The last step is evaluation which entails making a determination on the extent to which an argument is correct.

My critical thinking capabilities can help me in solving the problems that I encounter. It is through critical thinking that I will be in a position to evaluate the problem, its causes as well as the measures that can be taken to address the problem. Critical thinking will help me in getting solutions to problems based on a clear analysis of the problem.

My blind spot in ethics and which is likely to affect my critical thinking particularly when it calls for ethical decisions to be made is my religious inclinations. I subscribe to a religion that is rather strict in morality and most of the time I find myself making decisions that conforms to my religious beliefs. This blind spot has in a number of occasions influenced my critical thinking whereby I make decisions based on my beliefs and not on analyzing the actual situation. My personal ethics have influenced how I make decisions. Being a person who upholds and promotes ethics, I have always ensured that the decisions that I make are ethical. Ethics are very important in  societal and professional responsibilities in that they help people to come up with decisions that are ethical and which are aimed for the good of everyone.

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