Should more gun control laws be enacted

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Yes, I support the idea that there should be more stringent measures on gun control. America’s pervasive gun culture has made it possible for guns to land in the wrong hands and consequently its misuse. This paper briefly justifies that more gun control laws should be enacted. Also, a brief overview of the rebuttal points is presented.

It should be known that more gun control measures would help alleviate gun deaths that have been on the increase (Procon, 2017). It is estimated that about 200 Americans are admitted with gunshot wounds every day in the emergency rooms. Stringent laws would help reduce many incidents of mass shootings that have been witnessed in the recent past (McGreevy, 2016). It should also be noticed that legally owned guns eventually land in the hands of criminals through burglary, theft, or sale.

When it comes to the rebuttal points, it is said that the second amendment supports gun ownership. This premise is interesting in the sense that it is compared to liberty to free speech and free press which is fallacious reasoning because guns are weapons. If I believed this premise, I would notice that it was meant for the militias to reduce gun violence. This premise might only be true under a self-defense circumstance. The other premise opposing my standpoint says that gun ownership deters crime and not gun control. This premise is interesting because it argues that gun ownership reduces gun-related deaths (Procon, 2017). If I believed this premise, I would notice that more gun ownership in a state had drastically reduced gun-related shootings. The premise can only be true if stringent measures are put in place to guard gun ownership. The final premise purports that relatively few people are murdered by guns. This premise is interesting in the sense that it is belittling gun deaths as a little cause. If I believed this premise, I would notice that firearms were ranked 12th leading cause of death since 1999. This proposition can only be true under the current statistics that indicate health-related factors to be the top leading death causes in America.

In conclusion, the paper supports the idea that more gun control laws should be enacted. However, the opposing views may have substantial points for gun ownership, but they do not surpass the need for more gun control measures. It is the gun control measures that would put checks and balances on gun ownership.

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