Comparison between Camping In the Deep Woods and Sleeping In a Motel

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People are faced with various scenarios that require them to have accommodation away from their homes. The aspect of one choosing to have an accommodation away from home would be prompted by the functions like business activities, maybe adventure and vocations as well as religious matters that have seen people involved in various pilgrimages. This analysis seeks to examine the decision by an individual to either take accommodation in a camping wood as opposed to finding to lodge in a motel. In doing so, the interest is to demonstrate the differences and similarities involved in making such decisions. Indeed, there are differences between camping in woodland and sleeping in a motel, but there exist similarities as well.

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To begin with, some requirements should be ensured while an individual decides either to camp or to go to a motel. For instance, one of the things to consider is the safety in regards to the property that the person has. If for example, an individual has a personal car, the security of the car is paramount and therefore, when the decision is to camp, there should be an assurance that it will be safe. Something outright in this position is that when one makes a decision to camp, he or she takes the responsibility for the safety of his or her property, something that would not be the case when he or she decides to go to a motel (Frazier 5). In most of the restaurants, three are proper security measures, which ensure that all the guests and their property are well cared for while in those premises. This distinction is created and ostensible understanding that camping and sleeping in a motel have the differences in the responsibility of security and care for the individual himself or herself.

Another important matter to consider is the reason for taking the night away from home. Some people are faced with these situations while they are escaping certain dangers, for example being followed by individuals, they are afraid that would harm their lives. Similarly, somebody would be escaping from home after committing a crime that makes him or her wanted individual. To this extent, one must be smart to make a choice that would help him or her to remain as safe as possible, since taking a refuge in a traceable environment would be disastrous. In this precept, making a camp in woodland would be a better option than sleeping in a motel. In simple terms, sleeping in a motel entails some personal information was taken, which is not the case when an individual decides to camp. Due to this, the decision to have a camp would be informed by the safety and the secrecy that is required to be maintained, which would not be the case when an individual goes to a hotel. Therefore, there is a significant difference in this respect, which should be critically decided, though this does not dispel the fact that even in the camping site, one would still be traced, the level of exposure differs.

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From the understanding presented herein, the interest to seek accommodation away from home is informed by various activities. This indicates that individuals that are engaged on missions away from home appreciate refuge elsewhere. This shows that camping, as well as motels, are better options in this regard (Fisher 176). However, it is crucial to underpin the fact that there are the laws of the land that guide both camping and boarding a room in a motel. Even though at sometimes the individuals would intend to make whatever they do more secretly, they remain the laws that guide hem. In addition, in both cases, the security of the individual and his or her property is a fundamental matter to consider. Even though the approach in ensuring this security differs, there is an inherent need to safeguard the safety of the individual and his or her belongings.


It is apparent from the analysis that the comparison between camping and sleeping in a motel has more differences than the similarities posited. However, it is acknowledged that the decision to either camp or rent a room in a hotel is informed by various factors. For example, one would feel comfortable to camp if he or she does not have the money required to pay for the accommodation. Other issues mentioned here include the security problems and privacy. Therefore, the readers of this analysis would be better informed while making the decision to take the choice in regards to the points highlighted.

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