Cultural Advocacy and Action Plan

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The Analysis of Climate

The North Carolina Teaching Standards Commission supported by the North Carolina State Board of Education created standards of working conditions for schools in 1999 so that they could contain the problems regarding the turnover of teachers (Hirsch & Emerick, 2007). The existence of the standards in North Carolina schools has been reviewed biennially from 2002 in accordance with the survey of North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions (Hirsch & Emerick, 2007). Many years have passed from the time the standards were established with important reforms in state, local and school practices and policies executed to assist in ensuring that educators in North Carolina have the supportive, and trusting school surroundings required for them to do their best to help students in learning. New evaluation systems and standards for educators in North Carolina have been reviewed in alignment with the 21st century objectives of the North Carolina State Board of Education (New Teacher Center, 2018).

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The class size for teachers would enhance the quality of instruction. The sizes of classes are reasonable in way that teachers have the time to meet the needs of every student. Teachers have enough timefor providing every student with effective instruction (New Teacher Center, 2018). There is protection and organization of uninterrupted time for every teacher in the school. Moreover, teachers are engaged in the designing of plans in support of utilizing instructional time. Close communications among teachers lead to minimal interruptions and maximum instructional time. There is also streamlined school business needs and the relate paperwork.

To add, teachers have sufficient time in the day to collaborate and plan. In this standard, the time blocks are structured for every teacher to plan their lessons and meet the different learning needs of every student (Hirsch&Emerick, 2007). There is also consistent time available for frequent collaboration between teachers, school leadership and instructional staff. Regular collaboration between support staff, teachers and school leadership is important because time for planning is uninterrupted and protected to the maximum level possible (New Teacher Center, 2018).

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Resources and Facilities

Resources and materials are available to boost quality instruction for every staff member. Resources and materials meet instructional requirements of teachers and their students’ learning needs. Technology enhances the contemporary world learning opportunities. Available and reliable technology meets the instructional needs of educators in the 21st century. Support is given to teachers to make sure that they have quality use and access of technology (New Teacher Center, 2018).

Also, physical environments provide support to learning and teaching. Well-maintained and effective physical surroundings match with learning needs and teaching needs. Collaboration among maintenance staff, teachers, leadership and the support staff guarantees quality surroundings for learning and teaching. The work spaces for teachers support collaboration and planning. Teachers can access a wide range of support from professional personnel. Professional personnel are available and support teachers through collaboration with them (New Teacher Center, 2018).


Community members, guardians and parents play a significant role in the successful learning of their students via regular engagements in classrooms as well as at school. Teachers reach out to community members, guardians and parents in various ways through the use of clear communications in order to engage them and to be proactive in helping students learning by getting involved in school and classroom information. Community members, guardians, and parents are often involved in a multi-structured and two-way communications via various styles of communication and methods meant to reach the wide range of school community(New Teacher Center, 2018).

Guardians and parents influence the decision making process within the school. The school enhancement team engages, seeks input and informs in creative ways to influence the school practice community members, guardians and parents. The involved guardians and parents reflect school community demographics. The guardian and parents organization is actively engaged in a broad range of school activities and classroom activities supporting the quality and effective learning and teaching. This guardians, parents and the community members are aware about school practices and policies. There is multiple languages, formats, and systems that are used in reaching the community members, guardians and parents to ensure comprehension. The school issues are also communicated to the parents, community members and guardians (New Teacher Center, 2018).

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The school teachers and leadership create and communicate procedures and policies concerning school safety and student conduct. Teachers are ware about federal, state and local policies. Analysis and collection of a broad range of information concerning the behavior of students and issues of safety inform and guide procedures and policies. The school community is engaged in the revision, review and development of procedures and policies for safety and conduct. There is regular communication between the school leadership and teachers regarding the consequences and expectations for safety and conduct. Frequent feedback and updates are given to guardians, parents the community members as well as students on matters school-wide and classroom safety and conduct (New Teacher Center, 2018).

Needs Assessment

All the information indicators like ACT, Biology, ENG I, NC Report Card Data, Workkeys as well as Biology are all up from the previous year. This implies that the actions taken by the school leadership staff and PLCs in executing school initiatives are achieving success for the population of students (IBDP, 2018). Focused interventions coming from the Arts Program. Social workers, teachers and the academies reach the students as it is proved in the school’s past years’ growth. However, there is need for even more interventions to enhance the effort of reaching every student to improve their performance.

Rocky Mount High School needs to focus on strengthening and creating its relationships with faith-based organizations and parents in order to support students better. The school needs more channels for communicating with guardians and parents at home to create positive reinforcement and relationships with them and not just via their school network. The school requires procedures to be enforced like positive rules enforcement, parent communication logs, as well as approaches for staying in contact with the students’ families and students themselves.
Additionally, aside from the regular communication via tools of social media such as ‘Remind’ and ‘Edmodo,’ the school teachers require using Google Classroom as a management tool for the courses to facilitate student organization, collaboration and engagement.

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School Environment Analysis

Rocky Mount High School strives to give a valuable learning environment that helps students to be prepared for the contemporary world. The school is characterized by teachers who provide useful feedback diverse and innovative assessments as well as a wide range of opportunities for students to expand and process their own learning and to prove what they have learnt in the school. This is evident in the opportunity they have created for students in Gryphon Athletics (Rocky Mount High School, 2018). Other opportunities the school has provided for their students’ excellence are the Advanced Placement (AP) courses which as cooperative endeavor of education betweenuniversities/colleges and secondary schools. This gives students an exposure to materials at the college level and an opportunity to demonstrate what they have achieved in partaking AP exam. The universities and colleges can then grant placement or credit or both of them to the students. According to Rocky Mount High School (2018), the AP courses prepare the school’s students for their future by providing them with tools that are useful in their college career life. This is also attested by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (2018) that stipulates the school seeks to enable its students to be engaged citizens and well-rounded individuals who make meaningful and unique contributions for a productive and peaceful place to work and live.

Cultural Competence Analysis

The vision of the school is to be the highest performing school in the whole school district of Nash-Rocky Mount School (Rocky Mount High School, 2018). By embracing the above mentioned initiatives to enhance the performance of students, the school strives to realize its vision in the Nash District. The school’s mission is ensuring that every student is healthy, challenged, engaged, supported and safe. This is done through the enhancement of respectful and caring relationships between families, students and the faculty. The school therefore creates a learning surrounding of shared responsibility via relevance and rigor for every student and teacher to reach maximum performance.

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The schools mission and vision are largely guided by its core beliefs such as: an orderly and safe school environment that promotes student learning; relationships between the community members, families and the school leadership are important to the students’ success; students that are proactive in learning experience success; positive recognition is in support of positive results; students who are involved in the extracurricular activities enhance their self-esteem and build their character. This is exemplified in the school’s Gryphon athletics who are given extra education support when their performance scale up. In the school motto, ‘Truth Will Free You,’ one can highlight the transparency that the school observes by involving all the school community- teachers, leadership, students, parents, guardians and the community members in the safety and improved performance activities within the school through maintaining a transparent communication with the school community. The school website has platforms that engages the important community to the school including staff, students, parents, as well as administration and support staff. Moreover, the school has set aside the school improvement team that assesses and develops the vision and mission of the school. The team is responsible for leadership and governance to ensure quality student learning and teaching learning for each student. The team utilizes the school information to inform decision making process regarding every aspect of documents and school environment.

Graphic Organizational Chart

1st Wednesday 2nd Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 4th Wednesday
Faculty Goal
Department SIT
August 18
(Opening Day)
Sept 2 Sept 9 Sept 16 Sept 23
Oct 7 Oct 14 Oct 21 Oct 28
Nov 4 Nov 11 Nov 18 Nov 30 (Monday)
Dec 2 Dec 9 Dec 16 (during planning) Dec 16
Jan 6 Jan 20 Jan 20 (during
Jan 27
Feb 3 Feb 10 Feb 17 Feb 24
Mar 2 Mar 9 Mar 17 Mar 23
Apr 6 Apr 13 Apr 20 Apr 27
May 4 May 11 May 18 May 25
Jun 1

(Farrow, 2017)

The above table is a sample of the meetings scheduled for the teachers, staff, leaders and the school improvement team. This shows that communication is kept open and regular to ensure good performance because in a month, the team meets for about three times. It is noted also that every category of the community meets every Monday for briefing and information sharing according to Rocky Mount High School (2018).

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The school further partakes risks drill procedures such as for tornado and fires. It has established a crisis response plan that involves every individual that is part of the school. To adhere with the safety component as highlighted by the NC State Board of Education, the school carries out regular crisis drills as stated in their crisis response plan. An example of the school’s plan is as follows

Tornado and Fire Procedures

Tornado Fire
Windows & doors are left open. Windows & doors are left open.
Warning signal is a warble tone on the intercom. Warning signal is a continuous seriesof three short bells or the fire horns.
Students seek shelter inside the building in areas to avoid flying particles of broken class. Students evacuate the buildingaccording to a Fire Exit Chartposted in each classroom.

(Farrow, 2017)

The school maintains clear communication with the school community by providing information in both English and Spanish as highlighted in the school’s website thus meeting the cultural advocacy and action plan elements as follows. Therefore, parents, guardians and the community members are able to understand the school’s initiatives and be involved in the initiatives.

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