Undercover Boss Frontier Airlines

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This an episode in which the Frontier Airlines CEO Mr. Richard Bedford plays undercover and works in various capacities in the company during the period. He was able to appreciate some of the challenges that are faced by the employees in the organization. This paper will provide the job description of two jobs that are Aircraft Appearance Agent and cross-trained customer service agent. These are very busy posts in an airport. It is through their work that the airline can continue operating and able to complete its activities. The job analysis and job description given below are made from interviews with people working in these positions.

Aircraft Appearance Agent

The post holder is responsible for the cleanliness of the aircraft that is the interior parts of the aircraft. The employee has to make sure that the interior of the aircraft meets the standards that are set by the company. The appearance agent is responsible for monitoring the cleaning team that is assigned to him or her. The role of the appearance agent is crucial as the quality of service given by the airline depends on the work done by these agents (Kamal, 2015).

The employee has to be able to communicate in English and trained in fundamental cleanliness standards. On the same note, it is required that one should have some computer literacy that can be used for generating reports and graphs for review. The employee must also ensure that he or she maintains hygienic practices as well as applications throughout the whole cleaning process. The roles played by the Aircraft Appearance team are crucial as it ensures that the quality, image and the services of the aircraft are maintained. One of the main limitations of this job is the time that the crew has to make sure that everything has been done (Peppers, & Rogers, 2016). In most cases, the time is limited, which means that they have to rush to make sure that everything has been done on time and with the best quality.

Cross-trained Customer Service Agent

The first thing that is evident with this job is that all the customer service agents have to work together to make sure that they provide excellent service to the customers.  On the same note, they have to put into consideration the corporate objectives. This means that they have to keep both the goals of the company and the expectations of the customers in mind when they are completing their daily tasks.

Some of the responsibilities include coordination of computerized passenger boarding in the airport. The other role that they play is the flight announcements to provide directions to the passengers. They also assist customers with some of the special needs when they are in the boarding area. They also coordinate the ticket sales and announce changes in the flight. They are ones that responsible for the seat arrangements as well as making sure that any mishandled luggage has been traced. Employees in this category also operate some of the motorized service vehicles and equipment in the airport. One of the issues related to these employees is that they are required to work in all weather conditions, which can at times be challenging (Yan, Solomon, Mirchandani, Lacity, & Porra, 2013).

The two job descriptions are within the regulations of the state as well as the federal regulations. Someone with training in each category can attain the roles and responsibility of each job. The hours set for work in these positions are in line with the federal requirements.

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