Education of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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The literature review used in this article is rich in content regarding attitudes of teachers while providing education to most of the students with disorders. According to Giangreco research in the article, it shows that the attitudes of the teachers usually change with exposure to teaching children with disabilities from rejection to acceptance within a period of time (Isabel R. Rodr´ıguez, 2011). This helps in building the research topic examining the attitudes of the teachers towards educating students with disorders.

In terms of providing support and inclusion through the availability of resources, the literature has been able to elaborate the available resources and how it influences the attitudes of the teachers in providing their services. From the research done, it was found out that resources available to support teachers in their practice are very important in improving the general practice. This literature is strong in building up on the inclusion aspect and support to the special education teachers in this research.

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The literature has also elaborated on the importance of teacher training on the general perception regarding attitudes towards training children with ASD. According to the literature, it is elaborated that training teachers on how to handle such children makes their attitudes better and changes their perception towards those children. This piece of literature is important in building up the research however, it does not include the support mechanisms necessary for supporting teachers in the practice.

The literature review done by Simpson is irrelevant to the main topic under study because it elaborates on the collaboration of the support staff towards providing education. The findings of the research are not indicated in the literature and this makes it hard for the research to build up on the main topic under study. There is a need for incorporation of teachers in an educational setting in order to provide effective education to the special education children.

There is no specific literature conducted in this research explaining about the connection of support and inclusion and the attitudes of the tutors specifically on the autism spectrum disorder. This shows that the literature used in this research is inconclusive in the way it explains the major topic under consideration.

The literature included is not from some of the recent sources and therefore, the conclusions used in the literature may be ineffective in the study because of lack of information related to the present changes in the world. To prove this, Giangreco research was done in 1993 and this might be ineffective towards building up on the research because the topic is not up to date. The literature has to be up to date in order to make an impact on the research findings and also on the major methods used in this study.

Research questions

The research questions used in this research are relevant and appropriate when they are related to the main topic of the research. These research questions can be used as the most appropriate way of showing the effects of attitudes towards educating most of the students with ASD.  The support criterion is also identified in the research questions and the variables associated with the research topic are recognized in the research questions. However, the research questions are not specific in nature because they do not elaborate on the specific variables to be considered in this research. The specific variables to be considered in this research have to be elaborated and shown in each research question. The first research question is specific in nature but the second research question or aim are not specific in nature. It provides the major view of what has to be handled in the research.


The methodology used in this research is ineffective because it does not elaborate on equality of gender. In the research, here were more women than men used in the sample statistics of the research (Isabel R. Rodr´ıguez, 2011).  This makes the results of the study to be inconclusive in terms of gender balance used in the extraction of data.

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The research used two methods of collection of data and analysis and this limits the scope of information extracted. These were the use of questionnaires and interviews (Isabel R. Rodr´ıguez, 2011). The research however considered all the teachers within the city and this shows that the information extracted in the methods of collection of data were conclusive. However, the research cannot be used in making conclusion to other parts of the country because there is a lack of similarities between the information which might have been extracted from teachers from other towns and the information extracted to be used in this research. This shows that the research is limited in terms of the worldwide view on the effects of attitudes of teachers on providing education to the students with ASD. In the methodology, there is no statement of whether the method used in extracting information in the research was qualitative or quantitative in nature. The research has only elaborated on the participation ad setting of the research and the data collection and instruments.  There is no clear emphasis on the importance of the various methods used in the research and how they contribute towards the general findings.

The questionnaire used in this research is conclusive because it has all the information necessary for carrying out the research needed. This helps in building up information necessary for this research.

Research paradigm

The research paradigm used in this work is positivism in nature. This is because the research is concerned with empirical knowledge and experience.  The research elaborates about personal knowledge which is backed up using scientific study ad identification. The major approach used in this paradigm is thinking of an idea, testing the idea through experiments and reporting the results obtained from the idea. The main idea to be tested and reported in this research is the attitude of the teachers towards educating students with autism spectrum disorder. The idea is tested and results are recorded in this study.

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Results or findings

The results of the study show that the attitude of the teachers is good when it comes to providing education to the pupils with ASD.  Through the use of a direct logistic regression approach in this research, various tests were done (Isabel R. Rodr´ıguez, 2011). However, this method adopted is not effective because most of the variables tested in this regression model are not applicable to the main topic of consideration. A combination of many testing methods is recommended in this research because it would provide a diverse view and results of the variables to be tested in this research.  The attitude of the teacher and the needs of the teachers is tested in the research and the conclusions of the tests show that the research has been able to handle its research questions effectively. The use of SPSS in the data analysis and obtaining of the results of this research shows that the data obtained in this research is effective (Isabel R. Rodr´ıguez, 2011). However, the research used the SPSS package 15 regardless of the fact that there are better updated versions to be used and they have more variable analysis.


The discussion of the data used in this research is conclusive and effective because it has assisted in elaborating the main variables under consideration. The discussion is divided into subsections and the various subsections used in the major discussions are appropriate in building up the main ideas discussed in the research. Each subsection in the discussion format is appropriately labeled and this makes it easy to navigate through the major conclusions included in the research.

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Social justice and equality

The research is not justified in terms of social justice and equality because of the numbers of genders represented in this research. There is no equality in the data because more women are used than men in the research. This creates an aspect of bias in the research.

Following up better research practices

The research has not followed better research practices because the ethics in the extraction of information are not elaborated in the research. The ethical statements are important in building up the major topic of consideration in this research. Ethics can make a piece of research to be regarded better because of the sourcing of information but this research does not follow that. However, in some instances like analysis of the data, the research has followed the correct format of research analysis.

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Isabel R. Rodr´ıguez, D. S. a. F. J., 2011. Support, Inclusion, and Special Education Teachers’ Attitudes toward the Education of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Volume 2012, pp. 1-9.

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