Why should internet access be limited to teenagers?

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The target market for most technological products today is the teenagers. At their stage in life, they are more liberal in the choice of stuff they choose to use. They realize that freedom is important and they make efforts to exercise it. Parents should understand that good habits are created over time. They are usually a product of trial and error. Although they are still children, they have a more developed mind and should be allowed to start making choices that will affect their future lives.

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During the teen years, young people tend to be so curious. They gather information from any willing source. The most accessible source of information today is the internet. It hoards a wide range of information, both good and bad. It will always be available thus it is at the disposal of everyone including teenagers.

The internet is an important tool for education purposes. A lot of scholarly and educative material can be found online. This information comes in handy in helping students where books in the library do not cover. Countless class assignments have been completed by referencing information from the internet. The internet has greatly reduced the effort needed to gather information and this is one of the reasons why it is popular among teenagers.

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A good number of teenagers spend a lot of time on social media. It is because of social media that the idea of the internet becoming addictive arose. Social media is an important tool for development but sometimes is used for wrong reasons. Sites like YouTube contain both value adding and valueless videos. Research has shown that videos are better understood than explanatory texts mainly because they reduce the time needed to explain a topic. Teenagers should be granted access to these informative videos.

All work and no play is not a good way to lead life. There are some forms of entertainment found in the web that could be consumed by teenagers during their free time. There are various internet sources that have designed information that is likely to entertain them. This can be found in sites that encourage them to train themselves and improve their talents and develop new hobbies. Other sites help to explain educational concepts in a more entertaining and interesting manner. They in include how to videos on YouTube and general knowledge platforms.

It is important to consider the fact that teenagers are young adults, meaning in a few years’ time they will be fully fledged citizens. They are supposed to be taught money making skills and allowed to explore their money making abilities while they are in their teenage years. Many teenagers have become affluent due to the internet. An overwhelming number of them have been able to create good sources of income that basically mint money through the internet. It is important to allow them to research and experience the great possibilities that lie in the fibers of the World Wide Web. The internet is one of the leading economic sectors in the world and I doubt there is a parent who does not want to see their child find a way to tap into the sector. This can only be achieved if their children are allowed to explore the internet extensively and even invest in their knowledge of the internet.

However, the problem arises when they utilize the internet for matters that will degrade their morals. Entertainment data found in the internet contains information cultured and designed for a specific audience.  Most entertainment related information consumed by teenagers is usually designed for grown-ups and not teenagers. This is where most teenagers lose their focus to non-important issues or issues that are less likely to influence their lives positively. In regards to the access of irrelevant information in the name of entertainment, teenagers should be guided on what they should consume and what they should not consume.

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The issue of access to demoralizing websites can be controlled by installation of software that can filter site contents before displaying them. This is a short term solution nowadays because most of the internet access is done using smart phones which are difficult to monitor and control. Due to such cases then it would be better to ensure that teenagers are kept busy most of the time or limit the amount of bandwidth they are allowed.

The internet has its advantages and its disadvantages. But if considered carefully, the internet has far more benefits than its disadvantages. It is these benefits that people should focus on because the internet will always be there and its future lies on the young population. Teenagers should be guided on the best ways to use the internet instead of limiting their access to the internet. As they develop, they will learn of the best practices and maximize their utilization of the internet. Limiting their access to the internet is like limiting their avenue for contacting the rest of the world.


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