If not famous on Instagram then not famous

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Instagram is a global social network that grows at a faster rate compared to other social networks. The primary purpose for using Instagram is creativity, surveillance, and documentation. The use of this social network was apparently evident by providing a positive significance between interpersonal interaction and the usage of Instagram for coolness. One becomes famous by using Instagram because it provides the platform where one can do self-promotion and provide his or her visual status (Thornton, 2014). In addition, Instagram boosts interaction, depicts one’s life by photos or commemorate an event, and lastly, it promotes creativity through showing photography skills. The use of Instagram enables others to interact with many other people thus, they become known around the globe.

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If not famous on Instagram then not famous

The first motive for the use of Instagram that makes one famous is creativity. It becomes evident that for one to show creativity Instagram with a purpose of winning other people’s interest, he should be able to put less effort into projects than making an effort in portraying the skills and post their creativity to others. Showing creativity through the use of Instagram enables one to get interacted with other people and may find other people they might be sharing the common interest with (Marwick, 2015). One can be famous through creativity when their work is viewed by many individuals who use the social network by giving the number of likes on the posted created art.

Knowledge about others or surveillance contains items like visualizing status updates, uplifted interaction and to see what other people share. The social network site such as the discussed Instagram enables the communication to put one to be known beyond the borders. By visualizing the updated status and gaining the knowledge by seeing what other people are posting, the one gets more experience and tries to be better than what he has seen. When they make an effort to strive to achieve the best, the result leads to many likes from other people because of the best quality post that one has attempted to post on the social network (Deller, 2014). Therefore when one is unable to be famous on Instagram, it automatically that they do not learn to give the quality job thus many ignores making his work or membership in the social media to be less famous.

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Depicting your life through the posting of photos or to commemorate an event, one may be of interest to others making large population to put more hashtags of liking the posted item. If your aim is to showcase life through the use of photography, then it is to make the photos perfect for attracting many viewers to the photo. Making the post perfect will enable one to build an audience in Instagram because people love following interesting pictures (Da Cruz, and Menezes, 2015). When the first postings are of low quality, then few Instagram audience will be attained thus the person who posts those low-quality photographs becomes less famous.

Luck to engage with Instagram followers may lead to not being famous on Instagram. In reality, everyone become obsessed with the number of people who follow them than the ones they support. Having many followers is keeping your fans happy and building a healthy relationship0 with them for everyone to benefit from the created relationship and gain the most out Instagram experience. To achieve fame, one is required to keep regular postings so that people do not forget who he is (Minkus, Liu, and Ross, 2015). Although it is not advisable to post often, because much space can be taken by the response of the followers making the one uploading the photos to have difficulty in accessing internet services may be due to decrease in memory. It is evident that when one of you photo is not liked by someone, there are chances that you will still have some followers but in an instance where you post three or more pictures in a row and all are disliked, then there are higher chances of losing members.


In conclusion, losing fame in Instagram is lacking to be kind to your followers and failure to respond to their inquiries. Inability to create a stunning Instagram photos, making the Instagram posts to be noticed by posting the best photos to attract the interest of the Instagram audience or inability to use relevant hashtags when posting the pictures leads to failure in being famous on Instagram. In addition, failure to engage Instagram followers by not responding to their questions and comments and irregular postings demoralizes the fans to join their moment in following your post thus one becomes less famous in Instagram

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