Facts and fiction in climate change debates

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Which newspaper article did you select and why

Out of roughly 800 articles found in Lexis-Nexis academic database, on issues pertaining climate change, I decided to pick on one article as covered by the BBC NEWS last week on the Science & Environment program. The article is titled: ‘Facts Verses opinions in climate change’, an article written by a senior writer, Laura Geggel and published March 16, 2017. It was carefully selected because it has resent information and specific to the topic.

What is the main argument presented in the article

The article’s main argument is presented in question form: What is climate change? Through this, the author is trying to examine what we know and that which we do not have knowledge concerning the earth’s changing climate. In view of the fact that the planet has had a constant changing climate over time, the article is giving an insight how human-caused climate change has made the entire issue happen. The author indicates that the current rate at which the earth is warming is more rapid than in the past. For instance, last year (2016), recorded the highest global temperature and very high levels of carbon dioxide and according to the United Nation’s World Organization (WMO) report released on Tuesday, March 21, the shocking trend are expected to continue into 2017.

What are the facts presented by the author(s) in your article

The following are the facts presented in this article:

  • Increased consumption of fossil-fuel by human beings over the last two centuries has led to an irreversible increase in the levels atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • An increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide with its greenhouse effect results in a corresponding increase in global surface temperatures by about 10c

Based on your independent research, are two facts scientifically sound

The two facts are scientifically sound. For example, looking at the first fact, it is vividly evident that, the combustion of fossil-fuels are the largest contributors of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Take a look, for instance combustion of fuels in automobiles to release energy that propels them:

C10H12 + 13 O210CO2 + 6 H2O

Through a number of such similar reactions as one above, the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) increases.

After the level of this gas has accumulated on the surface of the planet, it forms a layer that acts like a blanket at the Ozone level of the atmosphere. This layer, radiates back most of the solar energy that tries to escape. With this, much heat is trapped within the atmosphere, contributing to global warming (Bredford, July 2016).

In your opinion, does the news media adequately research its climate change stories before publishing them

The articles that are published by most of the news media lack adequate information concerning this topic. The facts lack sufficient illustrations to convey the required information thus sometimes even hard to comprehend.  This is a clear indication that their research is not thorough enough.

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  1. Bredford, D. (July 2016). Climate change: Examining the Facts ( Contemporary Debates). New York: ABC-CLIO Press.
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