The Marketing Perspective of Al Rawabi

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Al Rawabi is a company based in the UAE. The company was founded in the year 1989. The firm mainly specializes in the manufacture of dairy and juice products. Its farm is based in the Al Khawaneej, Dubai. Although it is based in Dubai, the company exports some of its products to other countries like Sudan, Qatar, Oman, and Libya. As a way of making more profits, the company invests in the use of technology for the manufacture of is goods. Also, another point that is worth noting is that the company aims at increasing its turnover by the year 2020 to Dh 1.5 billion (Sadi, 2014). According to Abdullah Al Qubaisi, the turnover for the year 2015 was approximately Dh 890 million. How exactly this company progresses in its profit making is the main question one may ask. For a better understanding of the company, this report aims at analyzing the firm from the marketing perspective.

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Al Rawabi: The Marketing Perspective

First, the company aims at increasing its share in the UAE market. Its currents share in the market is at 35%. However, the company, within the next two years aims at having a market share of 40% in the UAE (FAWI, 2015). Increasing its share in the market, however, will not be an easy task and this is why the company has a goal of introducing new products in the market, for instance functional products. Also, the company aims at expanding its market to other countries, especially in Africa and in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the GCC.

First, Al Rawabi has a goal of introducing new products into the market. As stated earlier, the company majors in the production of juice and dairy products like yoghurt. However, cheese and coffee are among the products that the company looks forward to introducing into the market. Also, functional products are other goods that the company aims at introducing to win more customers with health problems (Shani et al., 2013), (Hollensen, 2015). Functional goods are products that help the body fight nutrient deficiency by producing dairy products for patients with diabetes.

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As a way to increase its market base, Al Rawabi also targets new markets in two areas of the world. The first market target is in Africa and includes countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Algeria. Also, another targeted market is in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. According to Al Qubaisi, the company sees Africa as one of the best potential markets for its products (Homburg et al., 2013). He quotes that Africa has a very high population that consumes so much of the dairy products in the market.


It is easy to take note that Al Rawabi is a company that cares for its customers, and this can be made from the fact that the company aims at producing functional products for some of its clients with health issues. Through this, the company would have gained an upper hand in the competition it faces from other companies in the same industrial sector. Opening up of new distribution and marketing centers in other countries is also a marketing strategy that the company has adopted in order to increase its chances of making more profits, as its Vice-Chairman puts it. In conclusion, the marketing strategy of the company is easy to adopt and win customers. With this type of strategy in use, it is no doubt that the company will achieve its targeted turnover of Dh 1.5 billion by the year 2020.

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