Ganja Plant

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Marijuana also called weed, herb, bud, ganja, etc. is a psychoactive drug derived from Cannabis plant anticipated for medical and recreational purposes. Marijuana is occasionally abused for its mental and bodily effects for example change in mindset, euphoria, perception change and increase in appetite. Loss of memory, impaired judgment and paranoia are also regarded as chronic effects of the drugs. Despite all these exhibitions, the sensitivity of this herb depends on the amount of abuse/indulgence i.e. when taken in large quantity, the user experiences adverse effects, but when taken in prescript dose for intended purpose the drug might be of great benefit. Therefore, my viewpoint is to discourage the total abuse of the drug, and if it is a must, one must adhere to the code of prescription.

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According to Andrew, Seaman (2016), an article titled, Teens ‘Views on Marijuana change after legalization. Young individuals perceive marijuana to be less harmful increasing thus abusing its use, resulting in adverse outcomes, such as psychosis. A Recent survey conducted by UC Davis Health (2016) shows that legalization of cannabis in Washington and Colorado states have appreciably eased the perception of the drug harmfulness by 14percent and 16 percent among 8th and 10th grades and improve the indulgence into the herb used by 2percent and 4 percent.

Others people perceive that medicinal marijuana use can be related to decreasing in certain types of crime such as homicide and assault. Other perceives it as irritating to the mouth, throat, air passage and lungs. Moreover, it contains more cancer-causing hydrocarbons close to 50 to 70 percent. Additionally, marijuana smokers are at danger than majority of the population not only from long and terminal diseases but also respiratory and lungs disease since they gasp the smoke deeply and clutch that inhalation while smoking.

Hindus religion list cannabis as one of the five sacred plants. They believe that the drug is created by one god “Shiva” to restore the liquids of the oceans to generate the tincture of development. The Hindu festivity of Holi and Maha Shivaratri, marijuana is taken to cleanse the body and soul thus purifies one’s sin. However, abuse of the drug without sacred act is sinful because cannabis that is “Shiva” is often referred to as “Lord of Bhang.”

Some countries perceived to be holy like India, have banned indulgence of beer and eggs despite the legalization of the herb, this scenario is quite awkward hence leaving more questions than answers.

What challenge me is the effects of the herb from one person to the other. Some people feel at ease after consuming the herb while other gets agitated or anxious. Other laugh a lot whiles other sleep for days after consuming the drug. This scenario begs a lot of question in its uniqueness.

Marijuana is illegal in my community, people abuse it for their selfish gains such getting high, to ease depression and agitate anxiety. Most of them end up in a rehabilitation center and hospitals due to addiction and serious medical issues such as brain damage due to intoxication  (O’Leary 2002).Furthermore, marijuana increase ingests in caloric intake in some people due to increase in consumption of carbohydrates such as snacks and sugary items thus leading to obesity (Sabia 2017). Therefore cannabis should be illegalized in the world.

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