Obamacare repeal act

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H.R 175 is a bill that was introduced into the senate by Steve King on January 3, 2017. The bill had 35 representatives who have co-sponsored the bill and they were given the mandate to review it. The aim of the bill was towards the repeal of the affordable care act, the patient protection and the health care as well as the education reconciliation acts which were formulated in 2010. The patient protection and affordable care act are repealed in this bill and all the laws which were formulated in enacting this policy are supposed to be restored as if they never existed. The health care and the education reconciliation acts of 2010 are supposed to be repealed and the bills which were formulated to support it are supposed to be revoked and restored as if they never existed. There are several reasons which could make such an act not to be repealed and also to be repealed.

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The repealing of the bill and all its enactments, which were introduced by Trump administration is, arguable the first stage towards the creation of a new system in the America. This is because the repealing of this bill which was passed by Obama had some negative impact to the public. The programs had introduced a lot of cost in the healthcare industry with the dedications which were made towards the health bills being very high (Price). However, the bill has helped a lot of Americans especially the middle-class citizens to gain access to quality education through this act. The revocation of this bill would lead to a reduction of costs, which were spent towards health bills and also it will reduce the quality of healthcare and access to healthcare if a new bill is not signed in.

There are arguments that the bill has to be repealed because it reduced the insurer competition in the US. This is because the bill reduced the insurance companies which were offering medical cover and the client now have a choice of less than two insurance companies in the US. In order to regain competition, the insurers have to be many in order to provide competition (Kantarjian). This will make the consumers have many choices of insurance covers at a lower price because of the increased competition. However, the higher the number of insurance companies, the lower the quality of services which are going to be offered because most of the companies will be private companies which will be aimed towards gaining maximum profits.

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The enrollment to the program was not good and therefore, there are arguments which support the repealing of the act. 12.7 million Taxpayers took the insurance coverage under the Obama care but they had requested for some exemptions in some of the parts. The other 6.5 million people were comfortable with paying the penalties. This was because they deemed the insurance coverage as ineffective. However, the enrollment in this care act made the people who subscribed to gain maximum benefits from using this act. This made the success rate of the Obama care act to be more than its failures.

The Obama care act was provided with funds which were meant to establish the website designed for exchange. There were few states which came up with these websites and the others used the healthcare.gov site. This showed that the Obama care was not effective and that is why it was supposed to be repealed. However, the states which did not form the website had a lot of health related issues because of lack of an appropriate exchange program. This shows that the integration of the Obama care was effective in its own way.

The Obama care initiative led to the cancellation of 4.7 million plan which was meant to revolutionize the health sector (H.R. 175). These plans were canceled because the government had set standards which were supposed to be met by each company. This was a good reason as to why the bill had to be repealed. However, the setting of the standard in the Obama care initiative led to the transformation of the sector and made quality health services affordable and available to many people.

The plan led to the creation of 23 nonprofit health insurance companies, these companies that were formulated later collapsed and this led to the loss of a lot of taxpayer money (Brady). However, the creation of the nonprofit health insurers led to the strengthening of the Obama care program at first and there were remedies which solved the downfall of the 19 of the first 23 organizations.

The Obama care act failed to reform the failing Medicaid program in the US and instead dumped many people in the Medicaid program. This made the additional expenses in the health sector to increase by higher amounts. This is a reason as to why the program has to be repealed. However, repealing this program can lead to increased downfall of the medical sector because the Medicaid program, which is unattainable, are going to take over in the US.

There was a restricted access of the program to the providers. The higher costs which were associated with the narrow network plans led to the reduction of exchanges in this program. However, it can be argued that the higher cost which were introduced in this program were also caused by the incorporation of the medic aid program with the Obama care initiative.

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Therefore, the Obama care act can be repealed but the repercussions that are going to be associated with this are more severe if there are no effective plans, which are set by the government (Senger). Supporting revocation would mean that all the reforms which Obama made were supposed to be removed to put new ones. Therefore, supporting this motion would be good if the government and the people of the US are satisfied with the changes. The changes have to be for the greater health benefits of the people in the US.

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