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G.I.S and Its Application In Archeology

Pages: 8
Words: 2054
Rating: 4,8

Introduction Geographical Information Systems (GIS) were a groundbreaking technology for which archeologists have developed multiple uses since its inception. GIS has grown to be an…

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The Mesozoic era

Pages: 3
Words: 532
Rating: 4,6

The history of the Earth has been divided into time intervals. These intervals have different lengths since they are distinguished from each other on the…

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Geologic setting of project area

Pages: 2
Words: 287
Rating: 4,2

Geologic setting is the description of key structures, geologic units and landforms near a project area based on a review of preexisting field reviews and…

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How the distribution of U.S. religious groups has been affected…

Pages: 2
Words: 648
Rating: 4,6

The U.S. has a diverse culture in terms of the race and religion due to the high number of immigrants who carry their religious practices…

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