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Advancements in Flight Simulation 

Subject: 🏺 History
Pages: 8
Words: 2079
Rating: 4,5

Introduction With the advent of advanced electronic technology, aviation has since been poised to record rapid developments, which border more on safety, comfort, capacity and…

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Library Management System Design

Pages: 4
Words: 854
Rating: 4,6

Process to Improve Quality of Management Systems in Academics Library forms an important part of any learning and research program. Therefore, effective management of learning…

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Job Competencies Identification

Subject: 💼 Business
Pages: 2
Words: 335
Rating: 4,8

There is a strong association between organizational success and having a clear mission, a strong vision, and strong values. However, the success can only be…

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Comparative Advantage: Sources

Pages: 1
Words: 295
Rating: 4,6

The United States of America (USA) is successful in the global business, education, and technological innovation environments. The country has key comparative advantages that improve…

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Pages: 6
Words: 1661
Rating: 4,6

INTRODUCTION   The entire world has taken the initiative of implementing measures and policies to curb fire accidents across all public buildings and entities. It…

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Case Article: Phoenix Adopts Green Building Code, Promotes Sustainability

Pages: 1
Words: 316
Rating: 5,0

Roulo (2011) writers an article informing the public about the new established and adopted laws regarding green buildings in Phoenix. The article is a secondary…

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Process technology

Pages: 4
Words: 954
Rating: 4,7

Introduction The cooling towers actually serve the prime role in any chemical plant, vividly. However, various companies often encounter problems that are related to scaling,…

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Global, societal and contemporary issues in the electrical engineering technologies

Pages: 2
Words: 569
Rating: 4,6

Introduction Electronics/electrical engineering projects have adverse influences on people’s lives, which imply that they should help in solving societal and contemporary problems. For instance, technological…

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Licensing for mechanical engineer

Pages: 2
Words: 416
Rating: 4,3

In a bid to pursue my university education, I have chosen mechanical engineering as my university major. I have always had passion for mechanical engineering…

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Debate on developmental goals and environmental impacts of Belo Monte…

Pages: 4
Words: 1032
Rating: 4,6

Introduction The planned construction of Belo Monte dam for hydroelectric purposes has elicited varied reactions in Brazil. Questions have been on the dam’s licensing process…

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Embedded systems

Pages: 2
Words: 587
Rating: 4,6

Embedded systems engineering is a field of computing that specializes in the development of embedded system within electrical and mechanical installations. The discipline is fundamental…

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Intersection of technology and sustainability: Solar power

Pages: 10
Words: 2536
Rating: 4,9

Technology plan Summary of the research technology (member 1) Solar power refers to a clean and green source of energy created from either the heat…

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Solar energy system

Pages: 10
Words: 2697
Rating: 5,0

Abstract Solar power is a form of renewable energy; a term used to refer to any form of energy generated using any other resources other…

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Our database contains dozens of engineering essay samples and features over 1,000 samples on a variety of academic subjects and topics.

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Writing an engineering essay may take a lot of work for people new to the subject. First of all, it’s vital to note that engineering is a broad term covering numerous disciplines, from mathematics to manufacturing, industrial, electrical, and computer systems design. Some engineers need to deal with energy-saving systems, while others create computer software and hardware. Engineering is a very popular subject in the United States of America, as much attention is now paid to STEM sciences and the progression of technology. Thus, if you have chosen engineering as your primary degree, you will need to master the technical jargon, learn how complex systems function, and develop a systemic approach to writing and analysis.

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