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Eating habits of children

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Healthy food is the key to reducing child obesity in the world. Child obesity is one of the most serious health concerns in the 21st…

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Genetically Modified Organisms

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Generally, crops are genetically modified in order to attain a specific desirable trait, such as disease or insect resistance. Insect resistance traits provide farmers with…

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What You Need to Know for Your Genetically Modified Food Essay

We call GMOs (genetically modified organisms) changes in genetic material living organisms using genetic engineering methods and techniques. The variety of organisms was modified, starting from microorganisms, plants, and animals. According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture, most products,Β  like cotton, corn, fruits, and others, are grown from genetically modified seeds. The main task of such DNA modifications is not to harm or frighten humanity with unknown abbreviations but to make plants and animals more resistant to diseases and increase their productivity.

When working on an essay about GMOs, students must admit that huge scientific progress has been made. In addition, it is essential to explain the advantages and disadvantages of applying new biotechnologies to humanity. And remember to emphasize that GMOs do not mean chemical food. It is more about modification since many people associate it with something unsafe and health-threatening.

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