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Fast Food Consumption

Pages: 5
Words: 1419
Rating: 4,6

Fast food consumption is a culture that is gaining traction among the young generation. The availability of the junk food joints and the marketing strategies…

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The Junk Food Crisis

Pages: 10
Words: 2511
Rating: 4,7

Introduction The use of junk food in the United States and other parts of the world is alarming because such type of food is connected…

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Fast Food Industry

Pages: 16
Words: 4228
Rating: 4,7

Introduction Obesity has always been one of the most health concerns that affect the global health systems. According to Ahima (2011), obesity is a disease…

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The β€œValue Menu” Competition in the Fast Food Industry

Pages: 4
Words: 1229
Rating: 4,8

Introduction The consumption of fast food in the US has become a social and cultural component of the modern lifestyle. Fast food stores have become…

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Is globalization a threat to local cultures? McDonald’s Case Study

Pages: 12
Words: 3078
Rating: 4,7

Introduction Globalization is a worldwide ongoing interaction process where cultures, economies and societies are becoming more integrated. This process is driven by investment and international…

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Quality Management of McDonald’s

Pages: 11
Words: 3434
Rating: 4,8

Introduction Quality management plays a very important role in occupying a remarkable position in the customer’s mind (Early, 2012). In food industry, quality management plays…

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Eating habits of children

Pages: 2
Words: 595
Rating: 4,3

Healthy food is the key to reducing child obesity in the world. Child obesity is one of the most serious health concerns in the 21st…

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Childhood obesity: value proposition pitch

Pages: 8
Words: 1725
Rating: 4,7

Introduction Obesity among young children has become an epidemic in Australia (Gill 2009, p.146). Statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that one…

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