Goal Setting in the Workplace

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Goal setting is one of the most significant aspects of attaining workplace objectives. This is especially the case considering that it allows for the promotion of employee and organizational interests. Goal setting is essential in the management of means through which the mission and vision of the organization can be attained and this is in such a way that ensures that there is the collaboration between management and employees. Furthermore, it is also a pertinent means of creating an environment where employees are able to have the motivation that they need to help in the achievement of both organizational and personal goals. It is a driver of employee performance in such a way that helps in the creation of a diversity of high standard productivity in the workplace. With improved performance, it becomes possible for employees to seek to attain more in their workplace because there is a continuous achievement of goals that have been set. Finally, goal setting ensures that there is the unification of purpose when it comes to employees working together to attain organizational goals. Employees end up feeling empowered to undertake different tasks without any resentment, and work together as teams to achieve set goals.


Setting goals is an essential aspect of making sure that there is the advancement of efficiency in the workplace. It promotes the advancement of means through which employees can work with management towards the attainment of the organization’s mission and vision. In this paper, there will be a discussion of goal setting with specific reference to how it motivates employees, drives employee performance, and creates a unified purpose.

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Motivating Employees

Goal setting is important in the motivation of employees in the workplace. This is because these individuals end up in a situation where they are more encouraged to continue undertake their work activities with as much effort as possible. Employees become more positive and are inspired to invest more time in their job (Deci & Ryan, 2014). They are able to understand how their work is able to contribute to the success of their organization, while at the same time aiding them to achieve their personal goals. Goal setting, because of its motivational aspects, prevents employees from being deflated because of a daily routine. Low staff morale can be detrimental to the workplace because it has the potential of bringing about low productivity while at the same of time significantly reducing work quality. Therefore, the setting of goals and celebrating when they are attained is necessary when it comes to the advancement of employee confidence and satisfaction. The latter feeling ends up creating an extremely positive working environment. Goal setting is also a smart way of making sure that employees are kept motivated at all times and focused on attaining the success of the workplace. Under such circumstances, goal setting allows for the reaping of rewards through a higher quality of output.

Driver of Employee Performance

Another aspect of goal setting is that it is an important driver of employee performance. Goals that are clear and measurable allows for the creation of a situation where employees become more productive (Barrick, Mount, & Li, 2013). Moreover, they are also able to become more creative and proactive in such a way that increases the performance levels of the workplace. When employees can see and end goal, they are better able to focus in such a way that they can celebrate their achievements while at the same time looking forward to achieving their next goals. It is also important that achievable goals are set because employee performance is likely to increase considerably because they feel motivated by their potential for success. They end up continuously striving for the success of their organization to such an extent that they essentially consider their work-related goals as equally important as their personal goals. Consequently, it is important to set goals so that employees can see how their work is beneficial not only to the organization, but also to themselves. When appropriate recognition for each goal that they achieve is given, employees feel the need to achieve more. The organization is therefore able to benefit from the motivation that employees have towards the achievement of its goals.

Unifying Purpose

Establishing a united purpose is an essential aspect of goal setting in the workplace. Everyone in the workplace wants to feel like an important part of the activities that take place within it (Amir, Grosz, Gajos, Swenson, & Sanders, 2015). This means that it is important to make sure that all employees are involved in the strategic planning process. Thus, they are able to understand the reasons behind every decision that is made that involves them while at the same time advancing the need to show their worth to the organization. The workplace culture can also be effectively strengthened through transparency in planning of goals as well as the objectives of the organization. Therefore, there have to be clearly defined goals for each employee that works in the organization because this increases their self-worth while at the same time promoting cooperation and teamwork. Employees are better able to understand the value of teamwork in the achievement of goals; ensuring that there is unity of purpose in the process. It is therefore essential to make sure that there is the development of goal setting in as transparent a manner as possible. Under such circumstances, it becomes possible for employees to feel innovative and collaborative because they have a belief in the goals that have been set.


In conclusion, it is essential to make sure that there is the development of goal setting in the workplace because it creates a more positive work environment. It also creates a situation where employees are motivated towards the achievement of organizational goals. The latter especially comes about in situations where there is transparency in goal development and implementation. The result of such a situation is that employees are not only motivated, but their performance is greatly enhanced to bring about the achievement of the set goals. Under such circumstances, there is the creation of a unified purpose that is essential in making employees feel that they are an important part of the organization and actively contribute to it.

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