Elon Musk Is My Role Model

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Many people who grow up to become great people possess characteristics that others do not. Elon Musk, who I look up to and consider my role model, is one of the few people in the world who I believe is worthy of the title “great.” Musk was born in South Africa and is credited with successfully changing the world through his innovations in the fields of manufacturing and technology (Musk, 2021). Musk has inspired many lives through his talent for entrepreneurship, leadership, and diversity in thinking. As the founder of Tesla, PayPal, and SpaceX, he helped many entrepreneurs see things in a new way, and many have borrowed a lot from him. I am one of those people who believe that, if given the opportunity, Elon Mask is capable of surprising the world even more than what he has done so far. I look up to him as a role model because he is an intelligent investor, a courageous, super-rich person, and a crazy pioneer. While many business owners view him as a threat to the stability of their companies and the world market, those aspiring to venture into the business world, like my own, regard him as a global entrepreneur giant with many excellent qualities to emulate.

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A Successful Entrepreneur

I look up to Musk as my role model because he is such a successful and wise businessman. In my opinion, his entrepreneurial experience is incomparable and possessed by a small percentage of the global population. However, you may never understand that he dropped out of Stanford on his second day of enrollment. After dropping out of school, he did something that made him a legend. He established Zip2, a company comparable to the authentic model of Google Maps and the review website Yelp. His first business venture was a tremendous success. In 1999, Compaq procured Zip2 for 307 million US dollars, and Musk earned $22 million as a result (Rourke, 2021). Afterward, he invested nearly all of this capital in his following startup, which would eventually become PayPal. In 2002, he sold it to eBay for 1.5 billion dollars, and Musk became very rich because he owned the most shares of PayPal.

Musk also displayed his bravery to the world after becoming a super-rich man, one of his characteristics that makes me admire him more. Unlike many plutocrats, Musk has a distinct perspective on his riches. Musk, for example, claims that being the wealthiest man means nothing to him, and what he truly cares about is telling himself each night that he is doing something quite cool before going to bed, which inspires me most (Rourke, 2021). Furthermore, unlike his competitors, who were in a dilemma, he relocated to Los Angeles rather than staying in Silicon Valley. When most people think that the prudent course of action is to take a moment to relax and wait patiently until the next significant potential, Musk has rejected this rationale. To prove this, immediately after selling PayPal company, he invested good chanks of money in SpaceX, Tesla, and SumCity, which today are known to be among the most financially stable companies in the world (Yauney, 2018). These companies have built Elon Musk’s wealth to become the wealthiest man in the world today. Indeed, this is a risk that many entrepreneurs are unwilling to take; it requires bravery and boldness, as demonstrated by Musk. Therefore, Musk’s success as a businessman through taking such steps is what I admire most about him, and I aspire to achieve similar success in the future. Indeed, it is evident that to succeed in business; one must take unthinkable and daring steps to stand out from competitors as Musk does.

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Brave and Bold Innovator

The second reason I view Musk as my role model is that he is a deranged person who has accomplished things that no one else could have imagined. For example, it is impossible to imagine that a particular world population can migrate to mars and live there. This is how Musk is visionary and innovative since, according to Musk, this is possible, and he dreams of taking people there and living comfortably. Musk has also been quoted saying that his dream is to manufacture flying cars, an innovation that many believe is impossible. On my side, I trust anything that he says because he has never failed to follow his promises.

In addition to his propensity for innovation and the introduction of significant ideas, Elon Musk is also known for his high energy and ambition, neither of which he shows any signs of sharing with those around him. Last year, for example, he officially deployed SpaceX’s twelfth Falcon 9 rocket and began construction in Texas for a Space center (Musk, 2021). In the same year, he revealed initiatives for a Nevada “Gigafactory” that will deliver 6,500 Tesla employees to Nevada and approved a 2.7-billion-dollar service agreement with NASA (Yauney, 2018). Further, he officially confirmed plans for a second colossal production plant in New York for Solar City and accomplished his 4th Space shuttle rescue mission to the Spacecraft.

It is not a simple task to think of a business concept and then turn that concept into a profitable enterprise. According to Seedhouse (2022), many people have attempted various innovations, but some have been unsuccessful, while others have failed to attract the world’s attention. Others have thought of the ideas but have never progressed beyond the paperwork. Therefore, the question that still needs to be answered is, “What is Elon Musk’s secret that makes him so successful in whatever he starts?” In my opinion, I believe that many people have a lot to learn from Elon Musk. I admire him so much because of his bravery, innovation, ambition, boldness, and willingness to take worthy risks. Furthermore, his ability to see valuable ideas where ordinary people cannot make him my best role model.


In conclusion, Elon Musk holds an endless attraction in my mind as a brilliant businessman, a daring ultra-wealthy, and a quirky pioneer. He inspires me as a mentor in numerous ways. When I encounter obstacles, I tell myself to be intelligent, bold, and courageous and that I will be undefeatable, a slogan I have borrowed from Musk. Further, when feeling self-satisfied, I frequently ask myself: Do I have the same career-related intellect, boldness, and craziness as Elon Musk? Then I will be able to escape the trap of defeatism quickly. Although it is not easy to fit in somebody’s shoes, as my role model, I aspire to be like Elon Musk and achieve similar levels of success in my endeavors.

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