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The term spirituality could derive distinct meaning among different persons in the community. A common understanding of spirituality involves a connection to something relatively bigger than ourselves and involves search for what could be a meaning of life (Myers & Nobel, 2015).  The aspects of spirituality make it a universal experience which touches all humans in the community.


The concept of pluralism refers to the conditions or systems in which two or more states, groups, principles of forms of authority coexist in the community. It may also entail the practice of holding one or more office, church or different practices at the same time.

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The concept of scientism may entail the expressions or behaviors which one may perceive to be the primary characteristics of scientists (Myers & Nobel, 2015).  One may also have an understanding of the practice as the excessive belief in power of scientific knowledge and techniques in having an impact in our day to day practices.


The concept of post modernism involves abroad movement that would come into existence from the mid-20th century across the various fields in the community such as art, architecture and the criticisms which would mark the departure from modernism.

Prime reality

The term prime reality may entail what is really real.  The prime reality would vary greatly across cultures, religions, and communities.  Responding the question of prime reality may require an individual to make inferences to God, gods or other material cosmos. My prime reality entails the belief in one God, who is the creator of heaven and earth.

Nature of the world around me

The world around me consists of the living and the non-living things. The living things include plants and animals while the non-living things entails things such as mountains, rivers, and rocks. The nature of the interactions which I handle with the things in my immediate environment have a great impact on the perception of the world around view.

A human being

A human being refers to a man, woman, child of the species Homo sapiens which is distinct from other animals be having a superior mental development, ability to hold more articulate speech and the ability to sustain an upright posture (Myers & Nobel, 2015).   A human being is a products of God’s creation. The first human beings were possibly Adam and Eve.  The rest of the human beings happen to be descendants of Adam and Eve.

Person at death

There various beliefs regarding what happens to a person at death. However, it is undeniable that the person stops taking part in the community activities as they lack life. The soul gets separated from the body. Some souls are destined for hell, heaven or purgatory. In most cases the body of the person is preserved awaiting burial (Adams, 2017).  The burial may involve lowering of the body six feet under the ground or cremation.  Burial makes it clear that upon death, the body goes back to dust.

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Why is it possible to do anything

It is possible that we are able to know things in the community due to the fact that we are made in the image and likeness of God who is all knowing. We are also able to develop a conscious and rationale reasoning under the contingencies of survival in a long process of evolution.

Right and Wrong

There are many criteria which we utilize in discerning what is possibly right and what is definitely wrong. It merits recalling that we are made in image and likeness of God whose character is good. Generally, what is wrong or right depends highly on human choices towards our physical or cultural survival. Ethics may also play a critical role in defining what could be right and wrong in particular community (Pojman & Fieser, 2017).  The laws enshrined in the constitution also play a critical role in the definition of right and wrong in the society. Our conscious also enables us have a better understanding of what is either right or wrong in the community.

Meaning of human history

Human history refers to the chronological account of events.  We learn the human history in the attempt to ensure that we do not make the same mistakes. The human history may revolve around the creation of man, the fall of man and the resurrection of man. God is sovereign and in total control of the world. God had a plan for human race which was to have fellowship with him. However, man sinned and will possibly face judgment for his sins.  God would however not let man perish but instead put in place a plan which would reconcile God and man.

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