How have the major issues concerning BREXIT been resolved and how successful do you think these solutions will be?

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Brexit has brought with it some significant challenges when it comes to the relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU. These challenges have led to some difficulties in the negotiation process with the EU but have for the most part been resolved. In this paper, there will be a discussion of three major issues concerning Brexit, including the border with Ireland, the status of EU citizens in the UK and vice versa, and the UK remaining part of a single market and a customs union.

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One of the most significant issues that had been raised concerning Brexit was the potential of a hard border with Ireland. This was especially the case considering that a number of individuals in the government, who promoted a hard Brexit, promoted the need to completely withdraw from the EU. However, it would have meant that there would have been the development of a situation where the border with Ireland, which is a part of the EU, would have essentially been closed (Tannous & Hayward, 2017). However, this process was resolved effectively because of the recognition of the need to maintain an open border. The latter resolution was made due to the realization that closing the border would have led to considerable instability in Northern Ireland, meaning that maintaining the Good Friday Agreements was given priority over the desire to create a hard border.

Another issue that came up was that of the rights of EU citizens in the UK and vice versa. The desire to make sure that there was no disruption in the lives of EU and UK citizens in the countries in which they lived ensured that this part of the negotiations were ended fairly early. The rights of EU citizens in the UK were guaranteed by the latter government and there was the expectation that the EU would do the same (D’Angelo & Kofman, 2018). Under such circumstances, it has become a guarantee that the rights of each other’s citizens would be protected even though the UK would leave the EU.

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The final issue that will be discussed in this paper is that of the intention of the UK and the EU to ensure that there is the maintenance of a single market and a customs union. Under this agreement, there would be a considerable retention of the current trade agreements between the UK and the EU and this in such a way that they not only not impose tariffs on each other’s goods, but impose similar tariffs on goods from other countries (Doherty et al., 2017). A result of such a situation companies would not have to suffer from massive taxes and other tariffs that would make doing business extremely difficult for them.

In conclusion, the resolution of the issues discussed above, including the withdrawal of the hard border proposal, retaining the rights of EU and UK citizens, and maintaining a single customs union and a single market are critical achievements in the Brexit negotiations because they have essentially promoted the development of an amicable relationship between the negotiating parties. It is therefore necessary to wait and see how the subsequent negotiations on Brexit will go in order to bring about a greater understanding of how the entire process will develop.

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