Ethics, Misrepresentation and Bias

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A good example of misrepresentation in mainstream media is staging news. After the Brussel attacks, a photojournalist was recorded posing a young girl in mourning. The photo of this journalist raised a debate on how often does it happen in the news shown to the public. In the video recorded by Fox News, the photojournalist is seen directing the young girl towards a makeshift memorial while he moves away to take a photograph. This is misrepresentation since according to photojournalist ethics which are outlined by major industry associations and media organizations photos to be used in the news should not be posted. Such acts contribute to the loss of public trust in media houses (Jamieson, 2016).

The news story selected focuses on Donald Trump’s perspective on the immigration issue with the emphasis on the Muslim community. Concerning the stated issue, the president of the United States has had a firm stand and given bold statements, and he fully stands for what he says. In regards to this issue, different media houses gave a different perspective.

CNN News

According to the article by CNN, Donald Trump is portrayed as the bad guy. The use the word defiant to describe him stating that his solution to this issue was temporary. From the article, Donald Trump has a don’t care attitude when it comes to what other nations think. Additionally, Trump is seen as a person who does not like the Muslim community and seems to have a negative attitude. The article shows that Trump was willing to have more Christians enter the country and more Muslims leave the country (Scott, 2015).

Fox News

From the article by Fox News, Donald Trump appears to be a bold leader. Although the media house does not seem to share the same feelings as Donald Trump, the group agrees with the sentiments by him. Unlike CNN, Trump is not portrayed as the person who hates Muslims, but this article states that it is the Muslim community which hates Americans. This article states that every person including tourists will be affected by the new policies indicating that it is not only Muslims who will be affected. Fox News portrays Trump as a bold leader who can make huge decisions (Collvin, 2015).


The article by MSNBC does not show Trump’s characteristics compared to CNN and Fox News who portray Trump as defiant and bold respectively. This article compares President Roosevelt and Donald Trump concerning this issues. The article states that during World War II, FDR did the same thing. The article considers this move unconstitutional while Donald Trump considers it common sense. The article describes how Trump defends this move giving reasons why this move is the best for America (Dann, 2015).

New York Times

New York Times is a major media house, and its article closely relates to the one done by Fox News. New York Times does not shut the idea out, and they think it is a good move by Donald Trump. The media house seems to agree with the sentiments by Trump (Barbaro, 2015).

It is strange that one story can have three different perspectives. One side considers the president as bold while the other considers him as defiant. It is expected that the same news will have similar perspectives from different media companies globally.

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