Ideologies of Republicans Verses Democratic Party

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The two giant antagonizing parties in the United States, the republicans, and the democratic party can only be distinguished if the ideologies and political ideals of the Enlightenment that define them are clearly elaborated.

Republicans are mostly conservative because they believe in the ideology of individualism and self-responsibility where the economic freedom, which to them is the most productive, is far more important than equality, and that is not the basic role of the government to provide general welfare (Grigsby, 2015). According to them, let supply and demand on natural course yield better satisfaction of human needs than when it is regulated (Kolko, 2008).

Most conservatives are against mandatory disclosure of financial capital and restrictions on real capital or organizational capital. They believe in punishment, while liberals – in rehabilitation, they also tend to oppose conscription (Rodgers, 1982).

Conservatives believe that democratic political institutions should decide on economic regulations, not by court-enforced rights to freedom of contract. They also share sentiments on imposing tariffs and quotas to prevent foreigners from coming to the US to compete with domestic companies and their labor force (Buchanan, 2009).

The Republican Party includes fiscal, social and neoconservatives that applause and advocates for paleo-conservatism, progressivism, free markets and “assertive” promotion of democracy and involvement in international affairs as the security (Holmes, 2006).

On the other hand, the modern Democratic Party believes in a modern liberalism because historically since 1912, they have progressively centered their economic agenda on the philosophy of governance that favors farmers and laborers, labor unions which were at the peak at between 1936–1952 and end to slavery (Pestritto, 2005). This is basically because they are against an unregulated business and inequality in income taxes and finances (Grigsby, 2015).

According to them, the government is supposed to alleviate poverty and social injustice with civil liberty and equality while at the same time adopt the system of mixed economy and progressive taxation (Theodoulou & Kofinis, 2004). This, in turn, means that the government spending should be more on the health sector, education, and welfare that includes an end to racism, freedom of speech, press, religion, equality under the law and the environmentalism (Boaz, 1997).

In conclusion, Republican Party’s conservatism reinstates classical principles that are against the modern liberalism of the Democratic Party widely considered as the American liberalism in the today’s contemporary American political platform.

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