Impact of visual effects on the current film industry

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The rationale of this research paper is solely to present a methodology used in the study of impact of visual effects on the film industry. Visual effects have made a 360 degree turn in the film industry, improving the competence and proficiency in the production of films. It is an area worth studying as it offers relevant and up-to-date information on the developments as well as the drawbacks brought by the discovery of visual effects. The current film industry has various capabilities; these include production of high quality films, which could not be generated in the past, as well as production of films which are not possible in real life situations. The paper, therefore, presents various means and perspectives through which information and scope get realized during the research. Consequently, the methodology highlights various strategies employed in the research paper to obtain sufficient and probable information in support of the topic question.

Research design

Considering the nature of the research topic, impact of visual effects on the film industry, a wide range of data is needed for successful completion of the research. It is from this perspective that the paper applied both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. Qualitative data collection methods assist in providing back to date data in non-numerical forms (Sinha, 2004). The information includes films produced by visual effects as well various institutions that apply visual effects in the production of their films. On the other hand, the research paper requires intermittent and figurative data in support of the qualitative data collected. The data include the exact number of films as well as the time in years when such films were produced.

Scope and angle

It is the vision of all film industries to produce films of high quality, which meet the demand of their customers. This forms the scope of the research as intensive research is done on the impact of visual effects on the film industry. The paper, therefore, revolves around the products produced by the film industry, as well as how the film industry modifies visual effects to come up with their desired products (Sinha, 2004). The paper takes a perspective (angle) of looking at the pros and cons of visual effects on the film industry. Advantages of visual effects on the film industry are numerous; however, they are also associated with disadvantages, which make use of visual effects extremely difficult.

Research instruments

The consistency, reliability and validity of a research paper rely on the research instruments used to accomplish research. Correct arrangement of instruments is, therefore, important as this forms a basis of sufficient data for research. The aggregate data analysis for this paper was dependent on interviews and personal study of various books containing information on visual effects. Considering the practical nature of the topic, various movies also assisted the research as they assist in analysis of visual effects (Sinha, 2004). Consequently, online sites played a significant role in providing sufficient information concerning visual effects on the film industry.  The interviews of various film directors also gave stunning information towards successful completion of the research.

Interpretation or procedure

Manipulation of visual effects to produce desired results becomes the core interpretation of the research paper. Consequently, when the visual effects get altered, what is the result? Moreover, what become the weaknesses, threats and stronghold of such manipulations in the film industry? When answers to these questions are found, the thesis of the research paper is solved (Sinha, 2004). The research procedure, therefore, involves formulating a thesis statement and choosing analysis, which best suits successful completion of the paper. In order to refine the thesis statement, a literature review is noteworthy as this offers a summary to readers of what to expect in the paper. Lastly but importantly, operationalizing research instruments to come up with sufficient data is to be tackled. The data obtained should be analyzed efficiently to ensure its relevance and consistency in answering the thesis statement.


In as much as carrying out research on the impact of visual effects on the film industry remains a challenging task in the process of obtaining information, it is also a fascinating area of research as it creates awareness to both readers and researchers. Institutionalization of the research, therefore, is a vital factor in the successful completion as non-relevant data offers non-consistency in answering the thesis. Consequently, ethnography and evaluation of instruments remain imperative in the comprehensive data analysis. The discovery of visual effects has made enormous changes in the film industry, some of which are beneficial while others not. The research paper, therefore, pinpoints various underlying issues surfacing in this area becoming a relevant area of research.

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