Individual and institutional discrimination

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Part I

Individual discrimination involves one person discriminating another person or a group of people (Healey, 2011). A good example would be a student in a classroom setting discriminating another student because he/she is a slow learner. The discrimination may be in the form of not including them in their discussion group. On the other hand, institutional discrimination is one where one institution discriminates another group of people in the society (Healey, 2011).  A good example would be where some schools in the society discriminate against the Black community in their school. This then leads to segregated schools of Blacks and Whites.

Part II

A plan to improve racial and ethnic relations in your community would include creating changes in my community through speaking against racism in the society. This will help reduce institutional discrimination or even individual for people who discriminate others based on their race (Marger, 2014). My plan would also involve coming up with events that celebrate all persons despite their background. Fighting against non-discriminatory laws would also form a core of my plan. This is because discrimination is mostly perpetuated by existing laws both at the individual and institutional level (Marger, 2014). Most importantly, the plan will involve collaboration with organizations like groups that fight for equality at the local, regional and international level. Protests that fight against discrimination will also be useful in fighting all forms of discrimination (Marger, 2014). Through speech and actions the society will ultimately appreciate every person.

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