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How to Prevent Human Trafficking

Pages: 3
Words: 764
Rating: 4,7

Introduction Human trafficking entails transporting, harboring, or receiving individuals for sexual exploitation or forced labor. This practice has been deemed a violation of the human…

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Solutions to Human Trafficking

Pages: 4
Words: 935
Rating: 4,8

Introduction The war against human trafficking can be assessed in three ways: the motives behind it, the manner it is conducted, and the strategies implemented…

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Pages: 11
Words: 2955
Rating: 4,6

Introduction The paper seeks to discuss ways in which the global structural conditions influenced the prevalence of transnational organized crime. Research has revealed recent developments…

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The Slave Ship by Marcus Rediker

Pages: 4
Words: 1218
Rating: 4,9

Historical evidence provides that the radicalized chattel slavery played an important role in the rise of capitalism. Several theories in support of capitalism disregard slavery…

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Migration crisis and global governance

Pages: 6
Words: 1501
Rating: 4,6

Global governance is a universal concept that needs to be included in widespread problems such as migration. More people continue fleeing their usual residences due…

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Labor and freedom by Eugene V. Debs

Pages: 3
Words: 790
Rating: 4,6

The book History, Labor, and Freedom: Themes from Marx, is a collection of philosophical papers. It was compiled by the philosopher Gerald Cohen and was…

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Sociological review of child prostitution

Pages: 3
Words: 774
Rating: 4,8

β€œThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (US DHHS) described trafficking as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world (2004)” (Jones et al)….

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Human Trafficking – Annotated Bibliography

Pages: 7
Words: 1706
Rating: 4,8

Griffin, Nichole. & Wilson, Levon E. The United States: Land of Opportunity or Land of Deception? Griffin & Wilson (2012) have carried out their research…

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Justice for victims of human trafficking act of 2015

Pages: 14
Words: 3599
Rating: 4,9

Introduction Human trafficking is a type of modern day slavery that mainly involves the illegal trading of human beings for the main purpose of some…

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Such crimes as human trafficking for slavery, prostitution, or illegal organ transplantation violate people’s rights and freedoms. The global policy aims to protect victims from being exploited as a free workforce, in sexual slavery, or as organ donors. This kind of trade of human beings dates back to the times of slavery in America.

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