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International Commercial Arbitration Research Paper

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Pages: 19
Words: 4953
Rating: 4,8

Introduction The term ‘arbitration’ is defined as an effective mechanism for settling disagreements through a written contract, which is undertaken by the respective parties. The…

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Police corruption

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Pages: 4
Words: 917
Rating: 4,8

Most law enforcers would probably suppose that accepting a gratuity or a small gift does not lead to corruption.  However, in Mike Corley’s article titled,…

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Crime data comparison

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Pages: 3
Words: 887
Rating: 4,8

According to researchers, crime is committed every day around the world. Although societies view crime as an undesirable and unnecessary stressor, many persons of lower-class…

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US war on drugs analysis

Pages: 11
Words: 2930
Rating: 4,6

Introduction The “War on Drugs” is a phrase most associated with former US President Richard Nixon following his authorization to treat drug dealing and consumption…

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Advice on arrestment

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Pages: 7
Words: 1780
Rating: 4,7

Summary This paper provides an overview of arrestment as applied in civil proceedings in the United Kingdom. In particular, the paper provides advice to the…

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Abortion and drug war

Pages: 6
Words: 1523
Rating: 4,7

What is a valuable future (or “future of value”) according to Marquis? What role does this concept play in Marquis’ argument that abortion is morally…

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The task of writing an essay on social injustice is very multifaceted. First, it requires a deep analysis of issues that deal with inequality of rights and their regulations. Such topics are rather sensitive yet require critical thinking and profound investigation. Students may appeal to our online database of hundreds of ready-made essays and get whatever is necessary for professional writing.

Common Pitfalls Behind Essays About Injustice

The law is a weapon to fight against injustice. However, it doesn’t seem to be able to diminish all social issues. For example, there is still prejudice against certain minority groups and LGBT communities worldwide. In the United States, people practice racial tolerance, yet they can’t end discrimination. Moreover, women keep fighting for gender equality in many countries.

When writing an essay about injustice, students must provide objective arguments and rely only on laws and facts. Moreover, if you decide on the topic of racial discrimination in America, historical research is mandatory. So, it’s possible to complete the task only with credible data.

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