Medical Marijuana and PTSD

Subject: 🧘🏻 Mental Health
Type: Informative Essay
Pages: 3
Word count: 625
Topics: PTSD, Medical Marijuana, Public Health
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Research has established that one of the most highly used illegal drugs in the United States is marijuana. It has further been reported that Americans above 12 years have reported using marijuana over the past months with others making constant visits to hospitals to get treatment for health problems related to marijuana. This paper will highlight the previous researches on how we can use Marijuana for medical benefits. The paper will look at the hypothesis, measurement of variables which are independent and dependent variables, control variable(s), research design, sampling, instrumentation, data collection, ethics, data analysis, conclusions or implications.

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Legalization of marijuana should be supported due to the numerous benefits that it brings on board. First and foremost, David (2011) notes that direct benefits of legalizing marijuana would surpass the costs. The meaning of this is that the most important issue with legalization is attributed to cost-benefit analysis. To this effect, those in support of legalization maintain that legalization of this drug would as a matter of fact transfer huge sums of money annually from the hands of drug cartels. In turn, this money would be transferred to legal economic practices like farming (Rahtz, 2012).


For this research, the research methodology will be employed to prove hypothesis and theories. It is the strategy for gathering, analysing and reporting within the research studies. This research is carried in order to add the level of existing of knowledge. There are generally two methodologies that can be used in a research, the quantitative and qualitative. For this research, both the qualitative and quantitative methodologies will be used. Quantitative research will be used by utilizing numerical data and statistical analysis with the aim of getting information regarding the Medical Marijuana and PTSD. The qualitative research will be used to evaluate attributes such attitudes, feelings and people’s conviction regarding Medical Marijuana and PTSD.

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Quantitative Research

As mentioned above, this research makes use of numerical data and statistical data in order to get the information regarding world, thus offering an opportunity to illustrate and examine likely relationship among variables. The key characteristic of this method is its objectivity in data collection and analysis. By using quantitative research method for this study, the researcher will make use of quantifiable variables which will be represented numerically. For this social science research, we will make use of the following.

  • Surveys
  • Formal techniques such as econometrics
  • Laboratory tests.

With this method, it is important to make use of the primary and secondary data sources when collecting.

Primary sources

The primary sources are when data is collected using questionnaires to the selected sample of the population.

The secondary Sources

With this type of data, the work for the research is gathered using review of the related literature. Such literature will be obtained from journals, books and internets among others.

Research tools

To undertake this research, questionnaires will be developed in a way to that will make it simple to collect the data from the sample of the participants.

Conclusions / Implications

Those in supporting of marijuana legalization also argue that there is a lot of evidence concerning racial and socio-economic inequalities for those guilty of marijuana-related crimes. The same has also been evidenced in the people who are sentenced. The impact of fines, court appearances, cases of absenteeism and absenteeism weighs down on the defendants of marijuana who come from poor backgrounds. Despite the fact that there are little budgetary gains in eradicating these features from the criminal justice system, it must be noted that it will help the less privileged communities and individuals by reducing criminalization of disadvantaged communities. This would in turn guarantee better family relations and boost social mobility.  Moreover, it would reduce the collateral effects of the current drug enforcement principles.

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