Commercially available medications

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A drug dosage form also known as a drug delivery system reliably delivers a precise level of a drug to the specified biological target in a specified duration of time (Patrick, 2005). A given drug form acts to minimize the exposure of the drug to other receptors. Different forms of drug exist to treat specified medical conditions. Dosage form ensures safe and convenient delivery of the precise dosage. A given dosage form also ensures the protection of drug substances from the destructive influence of moisture or atmospheric oxygen or gastric acid in the case of an oral administration (Aulton, 2002).

Nitroglycerin is available in two forms the extended release capsules that are effective in the prevention of angina attacks. The administration of this drug is daily on a specified schedule. The other forms of nitroglycerin are the oral spray and sublingual tablets, which are effective in stopping an angina attack that has already started.

Zofran commercially exists as a tablet, orally disintegrating tablets and oral solution. The zofran oral solution and zofran tablets contain an active ingredient Ondasteron Hydrochloride as the dehydrate. Zofran ODT disintegrating tablet has the Ondasteron base as the active ingredient. 4mg or 8mg of either Zofran oral solution or Zofran ODT are bioequivalent to corresponding doses of Zofran tablets (, 2012).

Fentanyl a narcotic analgesic the product is commercially available as a spray, tablet, lozenge or a film. The lozenge is an oral transmucosal. The fentanyl tablet prescription is in lower doses when compared to the lozenge. The utilisation of Fentanyl drugs is because of need, therefore, the doctor prescribes the most effective form for the patient depending on the patient’s condition (, 2012).

Morphine exists in the form of short acting liquids or tablets or long acting tablets or capsules. There is also a morphine extended release capsule in the market. Morphine is an analgesic for severe, chronic cancer. The morphine extended release capsule is specific for opioid tolerant patients. Short acting liquids or tablets of morphine are for short-term pain whereas the long acting tablets or capsules are for chronic pain (, 2012).

Aspirin exists as chewy tablets, powders capsules and enteric-coated tablets. The chewy tablets contain flavours to make the drug edible for patients such as children. Enteric-coats on tablets protect the drug substance from harsh environments such as the stomach where they can be destroyed by gastric acid before delivery to the targeted area of action (, 2012).

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