Methods used by civil rights movement

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In the 1940s, the United States of America experienced the height of social injustices. It was an era in which most of the black Americans suffered social injustices due to their color. Most of the people who were suffering were the black women. They were being gang raped by the white men For instance, Recy Taylor, a 24-year-old mother was abducted at gun point and gang raped by a group of white men. These incidences of raping black women were not looked into because victims were black. Therefore the whites ended up putting the blame on the victims. The incidences of white men raping the black women at will and black men being subjected to sexual advances from white women sparkled civil rights movement. Therefore this essay will explore the methods black men and women used in their civil rights movement for the purpose of ensuring that it ends according to McGuire.

The first method was a boycott of using both the social and economic public services. This method involved both men and women in the process of fighting against black women being raped and men being subjected to sexual advances by the white women. It was as s result of no action being taken against the people who participated in the gang raping of Recy Taylor. Local black women including Mary fair blacks and Joann Robinson teamed up to form a movement which will work against the perpetual raping incidences in Alabama. The women were joined by the clergy in the area so that they can bring to an end the incidences of raping black women. This group of people formed a Montgomery improvement association. The Montgomery improvement association began boycotting the use of buses in Alabama .They stopped using buses and they would either walk to work or they will cycle to work. That movement was referred to as the Montgomery Boycott movement. Therefore through boycotting, it was a way of asking the people who are at the leadership helm to look into the issues of black women being raped. The women and few women, who cut their teeth fighting for Recy through boycott, made it a backbone of civil activism in the country.

The women wanted the court to take the issue and prosecute the people who were believed to have gang raped Recy.  This method played a vital role in ensuring that the incidences of raping the black women reduced. As pointed out by McGuire, this method reduced the incidence of rape. The numbers had now reduced. However, it can be said that the method was a short term method as people could boycott the use of buses for ever. The incidences started occurring again. The courts and the white people who were at the helm of leadership did not see the matter as very important. Therefore boycott reduced incidences of social injustices against the women when the movement began but after a short period of time the country again witnessed the same problem of social injustices especially to the women.

According to McGuire, the other method which was used by the civil rights to end sexual assaults on black women was the civil movement raising money so that they can use it in the process of prosecution of people who are raping black women. It began with Recy Taylor and spread to the other people who were also assaulted. The black women in Alabama organized committees or movements for equal justice which will raise money so that the perpetrator of rape can be prosecuted. The movement used the money raised in the process of making the issue to be known in the whole nation. The civil movement or committee formed by the women in Alabama use the money they raised to make the whole republic know about the incidence. The same money was used in the process of prosecution of the people who raped the lady. Therefore, the publication method made the whole country to be aware of the social injustice. People decided to rise above the notion of white supremacy. It succeeded and it was a long term method which ended the social injustices due to the fact that the white people decided to end it and form organization against it

The above discussion has given details of the methods that were used by the movement in America to end the social injustices. The movement used boycott method against the public busses. The movement also collected money so that they can sponsor the prosecution and made the social injustice public. This led to a reduction of the incidences which lead to the ultimate end of such negative vices.

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