Application of sociology

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Sociology is defined as the study of the development, functioning, and structure of the human society. It is an essential concept in the understanding of the activities, values, norms, culture, and attitudes of human beings. In every social setting, human beings involve the concept of sociology in their daily interactions. An understanding of sociology improves the socialization aspect in respect of issues such as gender diversity, ethnicity, and culture. An individual must understand the structure of a community in order to interact with the people in the society successfully. Whether unconscious or conscious, human beings function under the tenets of sociology (Kornblum, 2011). The current discussion highlights the relationship between sociology and my education field, work and life experiences.

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Education Field

Socialization is a complex learning process through which individuals develop self- understanding, knowledge, motivation, skills, and attitudes needed for a certain aspect of life (Woods & Hammersley, 2017). The concept is useful in my education field where students interact with colleagues and instructors in order to create and build on skills and knowledge in the interior design expertise field. The learning process involves interactions with the instructors and students socially through development and sustenance of interpersonal relationships. The learning experiences have changed my world view and arguments in a positive way.

To start a career as an interior designer, the learner has to meet a certain level of academic standards. The professionals in the field understand the social structures interactions (Levinson, Cookson, & Sadovnik, 2014). Without meeting the academic and professional standards created in the socialization environment, a person cannot be considered as a qualified interior designer. Additionally, the context has a normal perception that the program takes about four years to complete. Despite differences in geographical locations, there is a unified culture in the study of interior design which creates a standard method of education. Through that we are capable of interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds and satisfy their design needs.

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Life Experiences

Through sociology, learners are influenced by the concepts of culture and social constructionism which are applicable to our daily life experiences. Social constructionism is a concept that directs us in the way we perceive social realities in the environment such as homelessness, races, or even occupational status among others. The concepts in sociology are applied as human beings interact with each other through a system of beliefs, ethics, values, and attitudes (Kornblum, 2011). It influences the decisions made by human beings such as respecting each other. For instance, we live in a society that focuses on ethnic diversity in all areas such as school, employment opportunities, and social events among others. We live in an era where racial discrimination is fought through social structures and legal means. In order to survive in the society and experience successful socialization, one must conform to the beliefs and build social experiences within the structures in the community.

In socialization, we also learn the social structures especially about the factors that shape our lives. The economic realities have influenced the decisions taken by the members of the society. For instance, to be respected in the society, one has to pursue an education in schools, have a career, and be financially stable among others. In addition to that, we live in a society where we have to abide by the laws governing the land. Moreover, the realities of life such as families and choosing marriage partners are influenced by the social structures and cultures we live (Sztompika, 2008). For instance, my society and religion have structures that support marriage for individuals of the opposite genders. Other behaviors are seen as immoral or illegal if they are against the law.


Sociology in work determines the decisions taken in the industry or firm in regard to social issues affecting the organizational members. The modern workplace environment is against discrimination of an individual based on age, gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, and culture among others (Warner, 2013). The environment accommodates every person regardless of their social backgrounds. There is more equality in a way that increases productivity, innovation, and motivation among workers. For instance, in interior design, workers from different cultures learn from each other about different aspects of designs that are related to culture. Diversity at the place of work leads to better learning experience workers based on their ideologies. Most global companies consider the social needs of their employees based on their diverse needs such as religious events, gender issues, disabilities and much more (Volti, 2011). For instance, modern buildings are designed to include lifts and steep surfaces for use by persons with disabilities.


Sociology is essential in every aspect of human life. It influences the formation and utilization of structures that shape human behavior. In education, sociology influences interactions during learning among learners and instructors. In the work environment, it has created concepts such as diversity based on age, gender, ethnicity, religion, and culture among others. Modern companies have to consider employee diversity during recruitment.

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