Cosmetics and the Feminine Ideal

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Cover Girl is among the bestselling cosmetic companies in the United States. It was established 1989 and has since grown its sales for feminine products over the years. The company, together with other beauty firms, have created the notion that women wearing makeup are more attractive (Spade, Joan, and Catherine, Valentine 15). This essay focuses on addressing the success of the company and its impact in shaping the feminine ideal in our society. 

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Cover Girl has gradually gained dominance in the sale of beauty products. Its growth has resulted from the growing cultural belief that women are more attractive when they apply makeup. The ideology has been used to promote the sale of products from the company through advertisements made on the social, print and mass media (Shen, and Bissell 629). 

The company has also influenced the self-esteem and self-confidence of women. Women that cannot afford expensive makeup experience low self-esteem as compared to those wearing expensive makeup from the company. The low self-esteem arises from the thought that they look unappealing in the society without makeup (Britton 2). 

The company has led to the development of the notion that makeup should be a necessity for all women. As a result, more women have allocated a certain amount of their salary for the purchase of products from the company. The number of women purchasing beauty products from the organization has increased. Through the created notion, social groups have been developed categorizing women depending on whether they apply makeup or not.

In conclusion, the selling of cosmetic products from Cover Girl has led to the immense growth of the company over the years. More women have been identified to be developing a great liking for products from the company. Gradually, the society has been tuned into thinking that a woman is more beautiful if she applies makeup.  

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